Written by bob

3 Jan 2007

I start by saying this happened a few years ago and I sitll get turn on by what happen between my wife a another guy

it took a long time to pursude my wife to carry out a fantasy one evening we both get dress up she put on stockings lovley sexy pair black knickers short rar rar dress perfume god I you look fantastic she smiled I looked at with cheeky grin she said you horny git with that I bent her over bed pulled her knickers down unziped my flies my cock was rock hard I pushed it right up her very wet cunt it was not long before I could myself cumming she said no not yet don't cum in me why I said tell you later with that I pulled out wiped my cock with towel and I said to her I am half cocked now with that she said she had a supprise for me later I said what sort of supprise my cock was getting harder again she told me to put it away she wanted a clean pussy she went to bathroom and washed her pussy and the put knickers back on we went down stairs and that was when my heart leap out my mouth

she explained that she was going to meet with a guy that night I wanted to shout at but just let her carry on telling

in my head I was calling slut whore you name it

she told me before I come home ring why I said she said would you want to come in door as he is about to explode in me yes she you want your fantasy yes or no?? I am waiting

the precum was pouring out of cock what the heck lets do it

she went and sat there unziped my self I was covered in my own cum got washed and changed and went out all night I was like chicken trying to lay a egg

around 12am I drove past my house down to phone box called line engaged waited ten min then phoned it rang I got in my motor and drove home I clocked this guy coming out of gate and walking fast down the road

I parked up and went to front door my heart in my mouth yet again I opened the door and you could smell the sex in the air

she was sitting on the sette red faced and shaking I said what had happened with that she opened her legs she had no knickers on only stockings I could see her pussy was very red and there was cum leaking out with that I went down on her and licked her out she must of had gallon in there she start to moan and she orgasmed what seem to go on for ever

I got my cock out and put into her pussy and came in seconds

she explaind that she cried a little when entered her he had big helmet he told me to get on floor on my belly he pulled knicker down pulled my legs apart got on top his hand either side I was moaning his was long and head fat I could feel him about to unload in me with that he shouted god I am cumming she point out the spunk stain on the floor we got up and I was about to put my knickers I was on knees I heard him perfect stay where you are with that he entered from the rear doggie his cock went in me again and this time he took a bit longer to cum he shot yet another load in me a very heavy load with that he got dressed and went

all night we fucked what mind blowing time till the next time

hope you have enjoyed there is six prts