Written by laceycathawl

26 Jul 2009

The meal continued with much flirting going on amongst the four people at the top end of the table, myself, girlfriend, mark and James. We finished the meal, settled up and headed our own ways.Several of us headed for the station, and waited for the next train to Pompey,to go to the nightclubs.

As the train rolled in, the four of us, who were sitting at the top of the table earlier, spotted the 2nd class compartment at the front of the train was empty. Too good to be true, we grabbed it and settled into our seats. I sat next to my boyfriend Mark,Marie likewise with James.

Kissing,and fondling, being careful when stopping at stations to adjust clothing.What we hadn\\\'t remebered was the guard walking through the train to ask for tickets! Mark had undone my top, bra removed and on the seat, his hands travelling up my skirt whilst sucking on my nipples. Marie was laid back across the seats, knickers round ankles and James licking her pussy. We thought we had time to get down to some fun and not be disturbed as long time between stations. It was this scene that met the guards eyes on asking for tickets.

We were expecting to be told off, thrown off at next station, instead he offered to let us stay in the compartment so long as he could watch us. Cool, we didnt mind. James went and stood at Marie\\\'s head, leaving her pussy without any attention. I just had to get my tongue and lips round her clit, it was wet and inviting, Mark raised my skirt and stood to one side and proceded to spread my pussy lips open so the guard could see everything. Guard meanwhile was rubbing himself through his trousers, enjoying what he saw.

Sooner than we had expected we arrived at Pompey station, got ready to leave when guard offered we could stay on train to the harbour and use first class at other end of train when we arrived at harbour. We\\\'d get half hour before train had to turn back and go to Brighton for last trip. He offered to lock the outside door of compartment with carriage key so long as he could watch. After rather a few drinks at the restaurant, seemed a good idea, and the train would stop at Pompey town station on way back. We agreed.

At the harbour station, we changed compartments, guard stood in doorway, with his dick out, rubbing it. Us girls, unzipped out mens trousers and began to play and suck their cocks. Out the corner of my eye I could see the guards pre cum on the tip of his cock. It didn\\\'t take long for the lads to want to turn us round and have us so that our pussies were ready for their cocks. Marie and I bent over, spread our legs and proceded to kiss and fondle each other while the lads took us from behind. Guard\\\'s cock was in front of us, so we licked and sucked him between us whilst being fucked. Needless to say he didnt last long and came quickly. He cleaned up and left us to finish off our fun.

One train journey I won\\\'t forget in a hurry.