Written by Steve

7 Nov 2004

Anne had met up with Robin the previous year over coffee before she had met me as they both wanted a fuck. But for various reasons nothing had happened. He got in touch again so I told her to invite him over and he could watch us having fun and then join in if he wanted to.

Anne arrived at 4.30 and we went straight to bed as usual - playing around until 5.30 when we got up waiting for Robin to arrive. After a couple of telephone calls because he got lost he arrived at around 6.15 and we had a glass of wine while chatting. We went to the bedroom and he was very nervous and said he just wanted to watch to start with. So Anne and I stripped and started our fun while he took pictures but it wasn't long before he stripped off and showed a nice hard cock. He got on the bed and Anne felt his cock a bit then I reached over to feel it. He reached round to my cock and said it was the first time with a man and got very excited sucking Anne's nipple while wanking me and he then came, all over my hand and the bed. I scooped up some cum and ate it and then tried to suck him hard again, and Anne tried as well but he was having none of it and stayed quite soft for the rest of the evening which was a shame as Anne wanted him to fuck her and I wanted to swallow all his cum.

Anyway he carried on taking pics while Anne and I 69'd then she rode me both vaginally and anally before sucking my cock clean. She then wanted dildoing and the large butt plug inserted and while I was doing that and she was getting excited I told Robin to move so she could suck his cock while I was doing her and then he squeezed her tits as well and she had a good cum.

She then moved down to suck me then rim me and then she started to wank and suck me and I asked Robin if he would wank me into Anne's mouth which he did. What a good wanker - so there I am, lying there with my mistress with her mouth over my cock and Robin wanking me. I said I was cumming and for some reason he stopped wanking but Anne took over quickly and swallowed the lot.

We then did what Anne likes, and laid on the bed with Anne in the middle just playing gently and talked and then she said she wanted me to piss on her. Another first for Robin (along with anal, rimming, cocks, swallowing cum) so I pissed while she held my cock and drank some and then she pissed over my leg.

After a coffee he went home to his wife and we had some toast before going to bed and kissing and cuddling (and a bit of sucking) until we went to sleep