Written by John

28 Sep 2004

These events happened quite a while ago, but I wrote down this narrative soon afterwards, and asked the other participants to write about it from their point of view. So here is the story of the same rudeness told from four different perspectives. I hope it’s not too long and that you enjoy it.


My wife Carole has two outstanding assets. She claims them to be 38DD, but when I measured them in accordance with the instructions in one of her women's mags I made them 38F. Either way, they're great fun, especially the way she uses them. Soft yet firm, with lovely nipples that always give the game away when she's not wearing a bra. She's 5'4", and pleasantly cuddly at nine stones.

A while ago a friend of mine, Gerry, moved his job from the North to the South. While his house sale was taking place he stayed at a guest house. Because of the distance he would only go home every other weekend; on those weekends that he was in the south he would come to our place for Sunday lunch and stay for tea. We'd watch the TV or chat, & have a few drinks.

One particular Sunday the weather was very hot, with clear blue skies. We decided against the beach due to the holiday traffic and crowded beach on such a day, and sunned ourselves in the garden instead. We live on the edge of an estate, but I've planted trees and bushes and installed trellis work with roses and honeysuckle in such a way that the patio is completely screened. After lunch we collapsed on sun loungers with half a bottle of wine each inside us, basking in the sun. Gerry and I were wearing swimming trunks, and Carole was in her lime-green bikini. This is just about decent, with the top being two triangles of lycra held together with white tie-up cords, and the bottom having similar side ties. Although a tribute to the skills of the designer in that Carole's tits stayed in at all, it is not made for activities such as beach games if everything is to stay covered, as we and any onlookers have found out many times.

I brought up a topic that Gerry & I had been talking about at the pub a couple of nights earlier. I told Carole that he had been complaining that, with being away from home for a couple of weeks on the trot, he did not get to see his wife's naked body, let alone get any action, for long periods at a time. I said to Carole that I'd been telling Gerry just how nice her body is, how her breasts sway when she moves, how soft and warm they are, and so on. 'Poor Gerry', I said, 'having to do without that sort of thing for so long'.

Carole lay in thought for a few seconds, then said 'That's easily sorted out.' She sat up and removed her top. As she freed them her tits swung and jiggled a bit, then took their natural round shape instead of being deformed by the bikini. Her nipples, which should have been soft and flat from the warmth of the sun, were protruding on their release, and hardened and stood out as we watched. She swayed her shoulders, which caused her breasts to swing around. Then she stood and removed her bikini pants.

'How's that?' she asked Gerry, standing in front of him, her soft pubic curls only a couple of feet from his face, her hands cupping and raising her breasts, pushing them together. 'Fantastic' stuttered Gerry, with a strange look - a mixture of surprise, embarrassment, pleasure, awe and lust.

Carole stood for a minute, moving gently to the music from the radio, which set her breasts swaying and bouncing, and no-one said anything. Then I said 'Gerry said that what he really misses is the feel and touch of a female body. He said that after a few days it gets quite unbearable.'

'Oh no. Poor Gerry.' said Carole. 'Here. Feel mine.' And she moved forward until her stomach was within two inches of Gerry's nose. Then, as he looked up at her chest, she bent forward and pressed her left breast into his face making sure that the nipple parted his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked in as much as he could, and moved his left hand up to cup her right one. (To do this properly is, however, a two-handed job). His right arm went around the back of her thighs to pull her to him. She stroked his head and held it to her as he suckled, and stroked his back with the other hand. After a couple of minutes he moved his head and buried his face in her cleavage, but it was only half a minute or so before he had to come out for breath.

Carole then pushed him back on to the lounger. She eased off his trunks, to release his fully erect prick which sprang up and pointed to the sky. It was about seven inches long and quite a reasonable thickness, about the same as a large unpeeled banana. As I watched, a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip. She bent over him so that her tits were hanging down, using them to stroke his body from his face, down his chest, over his groin and down his legs to his feet, then back again. She then concentrated on his stomach and prick, while he reached out his hand and started to frig her clitoris.

This was more than I could stand. After all, I knew exactly what he was experiencing, and here I was seeing her do it to another man. I got up, took off my trunks, and moved over behind her with my flagpole leading the way. As she was still bent over, it was easy for me to slip my prick into her cunt doggie style. I was surprised at how wet she was even though Gerry had only just started playing with her. My penis slid straight in, causing her to gasp as she drew in a breath. I started sliding in and out and could feel Gerry's finger which started frigging her more quickly.

Carole pushed her arse back towards me as she moved her head to Gerry's prick. She licked and kissed his balls, then the shaft, giving it some gentle nibbles as well, and finally licked the tip of his knob. She then took as much as she could into her mouth.

For three or four minutes I stood sliding my prick in and out of her belly with my hands holding her hips, while Gerry massaged her clit and a tit, and she sucked and wanked his cock. When I could tell that she was close to coming I let myself relax. I could feel my cock grow larger and tighter in her quim as my climax approached. Gerry started rubbing her clit more vigorously and started to moan. As Carole concentrated on the build up to her orgasm she stopped rubbing Gerry although she continued to suck him vigourously, so he took over with his free hand to wank himself fast and hard. Carole started twitching violently and groaning as she came. I had to cream at that point as the excitement was too much for me, and as she opened her mouth for air and to shout with her orgasm, Gerry shot the load that he'd been saving up for a week. His first jet of semen spurted into her mouth, then more covered her face, lips, breasts, hair - he was a lousy shot - with the final emission oozing out onto his glans and running down his shaft into his pubic hair. After a few more spasms, Carole sank onto him with her face in his groin, then moved up his body, rubbing his spunk between them whilst my cum oozed out of her cunt and trickled down her legs.

They lay together for a while with both Gerry and I rubbing her fanny to give her two more orgasms but saving ourselves for what was yet to come, then eventually we went indoors to shower & cool off. By this time the spunk had dried to a translucent film that could be peeled off.


We returned naked, clean and fresh to the patio, bringing another bottle of wine with us. After warming ourselves in the sun for ten minutes we took a walk around the garden. Although not as perfectly screened as the patio it is overlooked by only one of next door's windows. Gerry took the hose, which had been left out, turned on the water and started spraying it over us. Carole squealed, I shouted 'You bugger' and we both ran over to wrestle it from him. A three-sided wet wrestling match ensued with us all laughing and rolling around on the grass and generally making a lot of noise. We'd been doing this for two or three minutes when Carole whispered 'Mike's watching us from his window.'

'Let's give him something to watch, then' said Gerry and I simultaneously. We carried on wrestling, but now most of the holds involved grabbing the crutch areas or Carole's tits, scissor locks around the head, and so on. A sly look showed me that Mike was tossing himself off, so I called to him 'Mike, why don't you come and join us?' We stopped wrestling and lay panting on the grass, and sure enough, about thirty seconds later, Mike came though the back gate. 'You'll have to strip and join in if you want to stay' said Carole (much to my surprise) and she rolled over with her legs open, which gave him a clear view of her fanny.

'Oh, er, of course, thanks' said Mike, as he pulled off his shorts and sat next to her. His prick was still half erect from his earlier administrations.

Why don't we see how many times you can all fuck me before you run out of steam?' said Carole. 'You'd better start, Mike, because that will even you up with these two.' (By this time I had ceased to be surprised. She was obviously in the randiest state I had ever seen her).

We all agreed that this sounded like a great idea, so she returned Mike to a state of full erection with her mouth, then lay back on a blanket that I'd just been in the house to get. Mike lay on top of her, and with one hand on each tit, gave her a good missionary fuck. He lasted about thirty seconds before he succumbed to her tight pussy.

As he climbed off, Carole said 'Next, please.' I told Gerry that he should go next as he was the guest, and he needed no more encouragement. As he climbed on Carole raised her legs in the air to make it easier for his big cock. He kept going for five minutes before Carole came, and he spunked soon after. I took my turn straight away, with her legs first wrapped around my waist, then pointing up to the sky on my shoulders, her arse off the ground, with me kneeling and holding her under her buttocks. She had two more orgasms before I came in her slippery, cum-soaked hole.

Then it was Mike's turn again. His prick was thin but very long, so they could lie flat again. Gerry and I knelt at each side of Carole's face playing with her tits while she rubbed our pricks and sucked each in turn. She had plenty of time to bring us both back to life because Mike gave a much better account of himself. As Mike came again she murmured 'four', then it was Gerry's turn again. He turned Carole over and gave it to her doggy style as she sucked my cock, and Mike lay with his face being beaten by her swinging mammaries while he frigged her clit. She came again twice more before Gerry shot his load, then I went in again. By now her pussy was red and engorged from the orgasms and the activity, and running wet with spunk. It took me a good fifteen minutes this time due to it being my third time that afternoon, but Carole came three more times before me, then her knees gave way.

I thought that was it, but by now Mike and Gerry were both erect again, laying on the grass on their backs, watching us and playing with themselves. Carole moved sideways to Gerry and crawled up over his body to straddle him. She sat on his cock - it needed no help sliding in her hole - and started moving up and down on him. Gerry reached up and very gently cupped her breasts, to feel their weight and the delicious sensation of them moving in his palms. Mike came up behind Carole and gently pushed her forward until she was lying on Gerry, who now started thrusting his hips to keep the piston movement going, and parted his legs. Mike took the sun oil, put a generous amount on his hand, and started to massage it around her arsehole. Then, giving his prick a few strokes to make sure it was fully erect and well oiled, he knelt between Gerry's legs and pushed his knob against her anus. He gently, very gently, pushed in his finger, then the tip of his knob, and gradually more of it until most of his seven inches were buried inside her. Carole now the best part of fourteen inches of cock inside her. I decided that she should have twenty. I knelt in front of her head and lifted her face, which was by now screwed up in ecstasy. She sucked in my cock and swallowed the full length.

She started to orgasm. Instead of a large violent one, she came in a long series of smaller events, each quickly following the one before, time after time. This went on for ages. Mike had the tightest fit, and was the first to shoot what load he had left into her back passage. He moved back to lick her oily arse and suck Gerry's balls until he came, and as Gerry moaned I came into her throat. This time my orgasm was actually painful due to the strain put on my equipment that day. I just collapsed onto the grass and faded away. Soon after I aroused to see Gerry and Carole in a sixty-nine. Gerry's face was covered in our combined slime, and both were coming yet again.

After that, Mike got dressed and left us before his wife got back from her mothers, and we three went for another shower. We spent some time afterwards putting after-sun on the sunburn that we'd acquired during our romp, then lay on the bed and went to sleep. When we awoke we dressed, had some tea and went to the pub. After a couple of hours we went back to our house for coffee, and that night Gerry did not make it back to his digs. Afterwards, my prick ached for days, and Gerry's visits were never quite the same. Then his house sale went through, so we had to initiate his wife into our 'club' - I'll tell you about that some other time.



I'm proud of my boobs. They're really quite big, but they are still firm - I can get away without a bra - and John likes them He's got a bit of a fetish about them actually, but I don't mind. It's harmless enough most of the time, although making me go shopping in town wearing a see-through blouse with no bra was a bit naughty. I enjoyed the stares of the men, but their women looked ready to kill and the cops looked as if they were about to pounce. But I know my mams stop him from wandering.

We often spend the evenings reading his men's magazines (to start off with). They give us ideas for experimentation and are fun as long as you realise that things can be exaggerated. I noticed that he was going on about threesomes and groups, and twigged that he was keen to try out that sort of thing. In fact we had tried a threesome once, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn’t have minded another opportunity.

[But there was no such thing as the Internet or Swinging Heaven in those days, so it was not easy. John.]

He has this friend Gerry. He's a nice bloke, our age, and at the time he was staying at a hotel near us, away from his home up North, for long periods. I could tell he missed his wife, and John said that Gerry had told him (after a few pints one evening) that he was fed up with pulling his pudding.

One lovely Sunday Gerry was visiting. We decided that the beaches and roads would be too crowded so we would top up our tans in the garden. We were in our beach gear. Both men were watching my body but I didn't mind that - I'd chosen my ultra-skimpy bikini deliberately. John applied sun oil all over me, concentrating around my boobs, stomach and thighs, while Gerry looked on, the bulge in his trunks growing. I glanced up at the fence and what do you know? I spotted Mike from next door peeping through the shrubbery. I'd seen him on previous occasions, without letting on, and then I'd given him a flash of tit or bare bum, and once my open fanny, and he obviously thought he could not be seen. So I said nothing again, and decided that he should have a grandstand view of whatever was going to happen. When John lay down again, the conversation became a bit stilted, then John looked at me, grinned and winked. I guessed what was on his mind, but acted dumb, waiting to see how he would make his move.

I did not have to wait long. John told me a sob story about how lonely Gerry was, missed his wife's company and comfort, and so on. Gerry did his best to look suitably downcast but was not very successful. When he'd finished I remembered the sort of thing that had turned John on in those letters in his mags.

I said something like 'Poor Gerry', took off my clothes and stood in front of him. You should have seen the look on his face! I wiggled to the music, making sure that my boobies moved as much as possible. John said that Gerry really missed the feel of flesh, so I just stuck my titty in Gerry's face. I thought he might be shocked, but he sucked so hard it made me wish I had milk in them to give him. I really felt sorry for him then, and held him to me.

After a bit of tit-play I laid Gerry back and gave him one of my specials. The sort that can make John come without any other stimulation. The oil made it even better. I was really getting into the swing (so to speak) when I felt John's hands on by bum, then his prick just slid straight into me. I gasped, then as he pumped in and out, I felt my randy burn start. I stuck my backside out to make sure of maximum penetration, and started work with my mouth on Gerry's equipment. He was really hard by now. He had a lovely tool, long, uncircumcised, with prominent veins. It was thick, but not quite too much for my mouth, and the knob end was a deep red - almost purple. He had nice plump balls, and because of the warmth his sac was soft and loose. I could see he was getting worked up but I didn't care - so was I. My orgasm was nearly there when John started to pump faster and harder. I played and sucked Gerry in a frenzy, then my first climax of the day hit me. I came so hard I had to cry out, and just as I did so Gerry came all over me. I've never seen so much in one go. As this was going on, I felt John come deep inside me. I collapsed onto Gerry, rubbing his lovely sweet spunk between us. I could feel John's trickling out of my fanny and down my legs.

We cleaned ourselves up - I needed a shower and shampoo - and had some more to drink. We didn't bother to get dressed as there was not much point. Back in the garden we started fooling about with the hose pipe, then wrestling. I saw Mike again, but this time he was upstairs peeking around the curtain and playing with himself. After we'd given him a good show, John called for him to come and join us. He didn't have to be asked a second time!

To cut a long story short, I was so pissed and randy I more or less asked them to gang-bang me. That's just what they did, one after the other. No sooner did one load shoot into me, than there was another stiff prick sliding its way into the juices. The climax in every sense of the word was when I had the full length of each penis right inside every orifice capable of taking one. The feeling was amazing. I had sensations all over my body, and I just came and came in what seemed like one long, sustained and never-ending orgasm.

We were pretty well exhausted, but after a few minutes Gerry found the stamina to roll on me for a gentle sixty-nine. He must really have liked the smell and taste of spunk mixed with fanny juices.

The rest of the day passed in a sort of haze, but I do remember that we didn't get to sleep that night till the birds started tweeting for the dawn. I was sore and wobbly for most of the following week, but it was worth it.



I've known John since we were at school. We drank and womanised together until our early twenties, then I got a job in the north and we saw less of each other. In any case, soon after we both got married - we were each other's best man - and that meant settling down' so we met up infrequently for a while.

My job was going nowhere, so I decided on a move to the South. While I was waiting for the house sale to go through I stayed in a b&b place. As the distance was great and I worked Saturday mornings I often stayed down there at weekends. I saw quite a bit of John and Carole during this time as they'd invite me over some evenings or we'd go out together, and I'd go to them on Sundays. During this time I got to know Carole well. We'd not met often before, and my wife had been with us so everything had been very polite. When I got to know her properly I found she was a great person, warm and friendly and fun. I could see what John saw in her. What's more she had a great body, and with the weather being so hot that summer she was quite careless about what she showed. She figured quite highly in my wanking fantasies at that time (and since).

John & I were chatting in the pub one evening, and the subject of my prolonged spells of abstinence came up. I confessed to missing the warmth of female contact at times and I could only get so much satisfaction from my trusty right hand. The bastard made things worse by describing just how voluptuous Carole was, then the talk deteriorated to our single days and that was that.

Next weekend was incredibly hot. We had lunch on Sunday then settled down to some serious sunbathing and drinking on the patio. Carole was nearly wearing an amazing creation that defied the laws of physics. Newton's ideas about gravity were proved invalid. Churchill could have made a speech about 'Never has so much been held in so provocatively by so little.' I guess she knew the effect she was having, especially when John applied the sun tan oil. I could swear she was watching my prick bulging in my trunks.

Then John tried to embarrass me by relating some of our conversation at the pub earlier in the week. But instead of laughing, Carole got up and, saying something (but I can't remember what) she strips off! By god, do you know, her tits didn't sag one centimetre once they were unfettered? As I watched, her nipples turned into organ stops, then the next thing I knew, she was thrusting one into my mouth! I wasn't going to miss that opportunity - John was obviously abetting the situation, so I sucked for all I was worth. Then she just dragged those lovely orbs over my body, from top to toe but mostly around the centrepiece. As she's doing this so John starts to roger her from behind. Quite soon, she and John both started to come which was quite enough to finish me off. I must admit to being quite proud of the quantity of semen that I produced. I suppose it was due to being without and keeping my hands off JT for the week.

Later on the three of us wrestled in the garden. That was good fun, with our flesh rubbing other flesh in unusual conjunction. Then the next-door neighbour spied us, and instead of calling the police, he joined in. What followed on can only be described as very rude. All three of us blokes had Carole in as many ways as could be imagined, several times each. I would not have believed that a woman could take so much, but she proved it possible. When that all came to an end, we took time to recover, then John, Carole and I went at it again all night. It's lucky that I had the week to recover before going home to the wife.



My name's Mike. I live next door to a fairly young couple - I suppose I'm about fifteen years older than them. They have a nice garden which they think is screened, but even the patio can be seen when I stand on my stepladder to prune the roses.

One Sunday I heard them talking in the garden .My wife was out visiting her mother for the day. The roses needed pruning again, and as I was doing this I happened to look over to their patio. Carole, the wife, was laying there sun bathing. She has the most fantastic body with enormous tits. I've fancied her for ages. I've seen flashes before as she often lays in the garden when the weather is fine. I was watching them all relaxing, but could hear nothing distinctly because of the radio. Something was said, then she stood up in front of their friend - a stranger to me - and stripped off. She stood in front of the stranger for a little while wiggling her breasts about, then walked over to him and stuck her tits in his face. Then there was a sexy sight. I watched them both being serviced by her for a good few minutes before there was coming and come all over the place. After that, they went inside so I went upstairs for a wank. I was in the bedroom getting the camcorder ready to video my performance, when I heard them skylarking outside. I looked out of the window to see them playing around - nude. I set the camcorder up to cover their garden, then watched. At one point I thought I'd been seen, but it seemed not. They started mock-wrestling more energetically, and I could see hands all over the place. I started to finish my wank when John looked up and saw me - and said 'come down'. I couldn't pretend that I was not there, so I thought 'why not?'

What followed was my best sexual experience ever. My wife is not adventurous, and thinks I'm being 'dirty' if I ever suggest anything other than a missionary. Earlier on she'd sometimes get on top, but that was it. What's more, Carole had the tightest little cunt. (Since the kids my wife's been a bit loose). The first time I screwed Carole I almost let myself down. After a few strokes I could not hold back. But I recovered quite quickly whilst the others took their turn, and I managed a quite respectable performance the next time I went in. I lasted a long time the third time around. This was most surprising considering I was giving it to her up the arse - something I’d not done since my days at boys boarding school.

We packed up just in time. I went upstairs to find that the camcorder tape had just run out, and I’d just packed it away when the wife came home. I tried not to look guilty, but she said 'you've been watching that young tart next door again.' 'No I haven't' I said. 'Oh yes you have - you've left the stepladders by the fence'. 'I was just pruning the hedge, dear.' I replied - relieved that that was all she suspected. 'What's wrong with my breasts?' said she. ' Nothing' I said (I thought 'except they sag, they're too small & you don't know what to do with them'). Then, blow me down, whether it was the trip to her mother's or the thought of me watching big-tits next door, she started to strip off for some action. Before she got too far, I was rushing downstairs asking where the paracetamol were for my headache.

Now, whenever I need some relief, I just watch my own home-made blue movie and let memory and my hand do the rest. The wife's confiscated my stepladders.