Written by Dixon

22 Jun 2006

So there I am, in a shower room of a Lake District Youth Hostel with a married woman admiring my first ever ginger bush and KNOWING I was about to have the shag of my life. T's tits are AMAZING! Full, firm and round with tiny pink nipples, not the tits of a 50 yo, let alone a 50 yo with 2 kids!

I got to work on the tits, sucking and teasing the nips with my lips, teeth, tonge and fingers as T moaned in appreciation. It came as a shock to me when she said she was going to come. I'd heard that some women could orgasm from breast work alone, but never met one who could! 'Firsts' were happening think and fast here! She got more and more worked up and as she came I slipped my hand down her body and pushed my fingers against her clit rubbing her to another orgasm hot on the heels of the first before putting 2 fingers into her soaking wet cunt and giving her a good internal feel up. I then knoelt down and put my mouth on her cunt and licked and sucked inside and out with cunt juices covering my face and her hands on my head pushing me deeper and my hands on her bum pulling her into me. T then decided it was my turn for a good time and knelt down in front of me and gave me the most amazing, and first ever, blow job. Hard to believe, but I'd reached my 40's before I met a woman who ENJOYS bj's. None of my other girlfriends ever wanted to.

I then was so worked up i couldn't hold back any more and stood her up, hooked my left arm under her right leg and pushed my cock towards her quim. T held me and guided me inside as I slipped in smoothly to her well lubricated hole and pumped away getting more and more frantic with lust, egged on by T's moans and expressions of appreciation. Before I came, I realised that if anyone came in, the game would be well and truely blown and I didn't want to explain to my wife why I'd been expelled from the YHA so I siad 'Let's get in the shower' so iin we got under a stream of lovely warm water. We started fucking again and this time I didn't have to hold back and my voice joined hers and I shot my load into my new lovers body.

By this time it was nearly 3am and we'd arranged to climb Helvellyn in the morning with F. Having gone to bed, I then couldn't sleep I was so charged up and buzzing! T told me, discretely, in the morning, that she felt the same. I have to tell you, climbing Helvellyn by the Striding Edge route after a night of wild sex and less than 1 hours sleep is no joke! F didn't suspect a thing thank God, a I still had designs on her and T and I arranged another shag that night. Read it in part 3 when I get back from my dirty weekend in South Wales!