Written by UKBill

23 May 2018

I'd been on tenterhooks all day, Dave, who was helping me with my money problem all I had to do was give him a blow job was playing Golf with my brother who knows nothing about this or my wife for that matter, was going to ring me with a convenient time to go to his and "earn" my second half of my arrears later that day won his return.

I was worried he may let something slip with my brother, he's been on the phone to him (arranged deliberately I'm sure) whilst I was on my knees with his fat cock in my mouth as he trotted out double entendres to him.

I didn't want Mick to know I was sucking Dave's cock for money!

The phone rang, it was Dave he just said a curt be at the office at 18:30 prompt wear something I don't mind getting dirty he said, I asked him what I would be doing but the connection had been broken. Oh well I thought it's a bit late to back out now.

His wife was still away I told mine I was going to help do some work for him on his home computer system for cash, I work in IT and often do barrow jobs on folks PCs, and I'd see her when she came home, she was on one of her regular girls night out!

At 18:25 I was up at Dave's office, I knocked on the door, he came out, took me by the arm around the side of the office there as a pile of chopped firewood logs, "Just stack those in the wood store Bill, come and see me when you are finished!" Oh I thought no blowjob needed tonight, to be honest I was a little disappointed.

It took me a good hour to stack all that wood as I knocked on the door again I was aware that I'd become a bit grimy and sweaty carrying out the task, once again the door opened "ah you've finished come in you can get a shower in the gym here" he said, Dave took me past the office, through a fully equipped gym into a changing area with large walk in showers. "You can wear those when your clean" pointing to some jogging bottoms and sweat shirts hung at the side. I stripped off ran the shower ad walked in soaping my hair with shampoo first then luxuriating in the wonderful power shower blasting the sweat and grime off.

I was surprised to hear and see Dave walk back into the changing room completely naked with his fat cock swinging lazily between his muscular thighs. He walked up behind me in the shower saying he needed a shower too, I didn't know what to do at that point but he too the matter out of my hands so to speak when he told me to wash his back.

Christ I thought this is a bit different, I'd never washed a ma before.

I got plenty of lather and proceeded to wash his back and down over his arse, thighs and calves, he turned around looking own at me crouched down by his calves, by now i was fully erect my little stiffy sticking out its full 4 1/2 inches.

"Well Bill, I can see you are enjoying giving me a soaping, I can also see why I've heard Wendy has strayed once in a while if the rumours are correct!" I just blushed looking up at him I was trying to look him in the eyes but his manhood was just above me now swinging lazily side to side as he revealed he had heard about my wife's indiscretions, my eyes kept getting drawn to his fat manhood marvelling at the girth he had as he began to stiffen a little not hard but not flaccid either.

I looked up at him again he was watching me with a slight smile on his lips, "Time to do my front Bill, get to it!" he barked. That startled me into motion lathering his calves and the front of his thighs he jut arched his back slightly thrusting that big cock slightly forward, I couldn't take my eyes of it as it grew even stiffer now hanging forward like a big Banana dangling above his large balls.

I took it in my hand marvelling at the weight of it as I started to soap it with both hands, the heat of it as it grew harder in my hand was palpable, mesmerising as he grew to his full length and girth, it was jutting upwards now against his flat belly, it took my hands with it as I continued to soap the full length, my fingers barely meeting around the girth.

Dave broke me out of my trance with another order "Don't neglect my balls Bill!"

I let go almost reluctantly with one hand, I gently palpitated his balls in his sack washing them with both hands now, his cock jerking against his belly as I pulled and squeezed his sack, tugging down quite hard with his balls bulging out beneath my grip.

I was rewarded with his first groan "mmmmm" he let out I looked up to see him staring down at me with that enigmatic smile playing around his lips. I reached up running one soap covered hand over his fully exposed large mushroom as the other tugged his balls even more., "mmmm" he moaned again.

He said to me, "Bill, you are a natural at this, but I need my chest doing then a rinse so leave that for now and get me cleaned off, don't worry you will have plenty of time to get acquainted with my man sized cock!"

I got off my knees, soaping him all over his flat belly and broad chest whilst he looked down at me cleaning him, I could see he revelled in the fact I was subservient to him he really got off on having me totally under his control, and I also realised I loved it too my sub side was fully revealed to me!

I thought once the soap was rinsed off Dave he'd move out of the shower to let me finish but he surprised me by turning me a round squirting the shower gel over my arse he proceeded to lather me up, I couldn't help myself as his large hands manhandled me squeezing and pulling at my buttocks I thrust myself back into his hands with a little moan of my own "mmmmmmm" I exhaled.

His hands were full of shower gel his fingers running up and down my crack pressing against my little puckered hole on the way past, "MMMm" I kept moaning on each pass, he pressed harder, each time slowing as he kept up the pressure until he finally using the gel as lube he just pushed past my ring and drove his finger straight into me right up till the palm of his hand was flat against my buttocks. "UMMMMFFFF Oh God!" I exclaimed, I'm sure if he wasn't there I'd have gone to my knees but I clung to him, before I could recover he slowly drew his finger back until it almost left my hole then thrust it straight back in with a loud smack as his big hand hit my ass cheeks with a Smack! "uunnghh!!" I moaned again, he took no notice of me just looked me in the eye drew his finger back again and plunged it back in with all his might Smack! his hand went, "UUNNGGGHHHFFF" left my lips with an involuntary exhalation.

He drove his finger into me few more times, I was shaking like a leaf, clinging to him as he played with me while hot water cascaded down around us, he paused on an out stroke pushing with another finger, I was on tiptoes with my arse thrust out lifting myself towards his fingers playing with me, then he slowly pushed another finger into me so slowly this time it was exquisite, this fullness as his big thick fingers pushed there way inexorably into me until once again I felt his hand flat on my buttocks then slowly drawing to be driven in again with that Smack! as his hand smacked my arse "MMMUUUMMMMFFFF! I almost fell he was having to spread his legs to take my weight as I clung to him. He spent what felt like hours slowly pulling back then driving his fingers back in with his hand slapping my buttocks each time I could feel the heat in the impact site as my ass went red from the hard slapping as his thick middle two fingers plundered my hole.

As I clung to him I saw his cock jerking with each slap I wanted to reach out and fondle him but I dare not let go of him I clung on for dear life as he took me with his fingers, finally he pulled his fingers all the way out as hi did so I was thrusting back to keep them in as long as I could, he smacked me hard on the ass, "Well that's got that nice and clean Bill" as he washed his fingers under the stream of water, "lets get dry now! he said.

He walked nonchalantly out of the shower I followed feeling like I'd just got off a horse my legs shaking, my arse stinging, as I looked in the mirror I could see my buttocks were hot and red from the spanking action and my little stiffy sticking rigidly out above my balls, I honestly thought if he kept on I'd have ejaculated all over the floor.

We dried off and I followed him naked over into the gym, he turned looked at me and pointed at the ground in front of him, I went to my knees he thrust forward and his cock hit me in the face, I took the hint grasping him with one hand I steadied myself with my other hand on his rock hard thigh opened up and took him straight in my mouth, running my tongue all over his fat mushroom head I could feel his cock throbbing under my tongue. I licked up and down the full length of his shaft running my tongue around under the rim back down the shaft across his balls gently taking a ball into my mouth one at a time, I was basically worshipping his glorious manhood once again revelling at the feel of it in my mouth and against my lips.

Dave kept me on my knees letting me suck and wank him into my mouth for about 20 minutes, he had fantastic control If I thought he was going to shoot he just thrust himself into my mouth so I couldn't wank him until I felt his cock throb less.

He pulled himself my grip, without a word he left me on my knees went across to a locker and took something out of it he walked over to some hooks in the ceiling reached up hooking some chrome chains over these hooks, when he moved out of the way I could see it was a leather sling like swing hanging by chrome chains, he nodded at it "Come and try this for size Bill"

I got up, walked over and backed into the sling holding onto the furthest chains as I lowered myself onto the leather part, I could see leather cuffs hanging on all for chains I'd never seen anything like this at the time. "Mmm lets get you comfortable" Dave said, he took hold of my arms and fastened them into the cuffs on the back chains so my arms were held up i the air above my shoulders where I could hold on to the chains, then he took each ankle and cuffed me to the front chains so my legs were spread and up in the air, he stood back and looked at his handiwork, "Mmmm maybe a little higher" he said to him self, he moved each ankle cuff a link or to higher this pulled my arse forward so it was hanging over the edge of the leather sling, I felt fully exposed, he then took a remote control off the wall pressed a button and the sling lifted a few inches in the air until my arse was level with his swinging cock.

The penny at long last dropped I was about to feel a slapping on the arse but I suspected it wouldn't be his fingers this time.

"Now Bill, time for you to really earn that next repayment", he told me as he sauntered over to the locker again bringing back a bottle, he poured some of the liquid on his cock massaging it all over then ran some over my hard jerking little cock, running down over my tight balls down over my hole. "You could earn nice performance bonus here Bill" as he rubbed his lube covered cock up and down my crack pushing against my hole as he brushed past, much as he'd done with his fingers earlier.

I groaned each time he brushed past trying to thrust my arse towards him but having no purchase I was helpless in the sling.

"Yes Bill that's it, don't fret you are going to get it soon, I think you're going to be nice and tight if my fingers were anything to go by" he swept that fat cock past me several times each time slowing and pushing harder against me teasing me with his head almost forcing it's way into me. I was hard as rock my little cock jerking with a life of it's own, he finally paused on his upwards stroke pushing the head against my hole almost making it's way in my ring as pushed open almost to the width of his cock head, he paused looking me in the eye he asked me "Do you need it Bill?" I panted back "Yes", "Pardon, what did you say I didn't catch that" he replied toying with me. "God Yes I want it Dave" I said louder.

He paused looking at me writhing trying to push myself onto his cock, "What do you want Bill you 'll have to spell it out to me, tell me exactly what you need" "I need your cock Dave, I need fucking pleeease put it in me now pleeease!" I pleaded to him.

"I thought that's what you needed Bill just didn't want there to be any mistake!" he said holding my gaze with his almost hypnotic eyes, he continued to watch me as he pushed past my ring with an almost audible plop as i closed around his mushroom head. "mmmmmnnnnffffff!" I moaned as he held himself there letting me get used to his girth, then gently pushing a few more inches in, drawing back out then another inch further in, back out another inch in this went on for a few minutes interspersed with my moaning until with exquisite slowness i felt his balls squashed against my arse resting against the stinging redness of his earlier fingering "ooffffffffffff " I panted looking down from his gaze at his cock impaled in me, i laid my head back on the sling as I felt him just standing tight against me grinding his cock against me with his balls completing small circles on my tender ares.

He has smiling to himself as he looked me in the eyes still, he grasped the chains as he drew himself out of me as far as he could just his head still in, then with a much more vigorous stroke pulled back on the chain thrusting himself back in to the hilt, "UUUNGGGGFFFF" I moaned, he pulled back thrusting in again harder, "MMMNNNFFFF" I just couldn't stop these moans and exhalations as he thrust into me, I was in heaven I'd never felt anything quite like this masterful possession of me.

He was using long measured hard thrusts driving himself into me using the chains to swing me back off his cock then dragging me back onto him like I was a plaything on his swing, which I was.

He let go of the swing and grabbed me by the balls pushing me off his cock then pulling me back onto him using my balls, controlling his thrusts by standing almost still with one hand squeezed around my sack, my little balls squashed up into the palm of his curled hand as he pulled me onto him.

Christ I was making enough noise to wake the dead moaning and groaning with each relentless thrust into me.

"Mmmm looking at this little clitty here Bill, I say you are loving having my man sized cock fucking you" As he said this he reached with his other hand using his thumb and forefinger he gave a couple of tugs on my rock hard dick, "Woa" he said as I began to cum spurting all over his hand before he could point my little dick up onto my stomach, "Jesus Bill you're really loving this aren't you?" I couldn't reply I was panting like I was at the end of a marathon, I was just moaning ad looking up at him trying to nod and say yes at the same time. Without breaking stride with his thrusting he reached forward offering his hand to my while squeezing my balls with the other.

"Clean me up Bill" I greedily licked my cum from his hand, he let go of my balls grabbed the chains with both chains and began to thrust in earnest getting faster and harder, I could hear and feel his big balls slapping against my arse right on that hot tingling spanked site making it tingle even more.

Christ I was in heaven I didn't want this to end the feeling of helplessness as I was strapped into the sling being taken on my back legs in the air, just being used for his pleasure without a thought for mine I loved it! I was learning just how submissive I was.

He began to grunt with each thrust, really pounding into me, the grunting got louder, I watched his thighs getting rock hard, his flat stomach and abs beginning to strain, I could see his cock pistoning into me, the slap slap slap of his balls on me, the sweat beading on his chest and forehead, the veins in his arms and neck were standing out with the effort he was putting into pounding me, when he gave an almost roar thrusting hard against to me I felt a flood of heat in me, another roar and thrust another flood as he shot rope after rope of cum into my willing ass. He shuddered as he pushed hard against me emptying his self I could feel his cock throbbing his balls lifting against me with the effort of expelling that river of cum with each pump.

He stayed like that for a while just holding his self in me not moving, I felt his cock beginning to soften and he slowly withdrew from me with me trying to grip onto him to prevent his leaving me. When he pulled out I was left with an enormous feeling of emptiness, along with a tidal wave of cum running down my crack.

I was left panting, chest heaving, heart racing with the effort and pleasure of the fucking I'd just had, Dave walked over to the sink came back with a warm flannel wiped me down, then un-cuffed me, helped me out of the sling and told me to take another shower, he'd be in the office.

When I got to the office he had a robe on he and was standing behind his desk, he picked up another brown envelope, "Here you are Bill, I've included that performance bonus, I reckon you give great head, what a cocksucker you are! I bet Wendy must have to go some to suck cock better than you, must try and find out one day, I'd think she'd like to get acquainted with another man sized cock eh?"

I mumbled "I bet" as I accepted the envelope I said a little louder "Thanks when do you need to see me next?" Dave replied well you've got a month now before the next payment haven't you, so I'll let you know when. By the way let Wendy know I'd be happy for her to do some admin work or feel free to come up and use my gym, if she's interested in either get in touch!" with that said he walked off back towards the gym and showers, "See yourself out Bill I'll be in touch".

I left feeling totally spent and not a little apprehensive of what his work and gym invite would bring.........