Written by Brian from Spain

4 Nov 2006

After the story about me from Lynda and Steve and our swinging in Spain, I thought I would tell you a funny sex story, Janets cuckold brother Tom who lives with the other sister Pat, brought home this quite attractive girl who he called Tammy, after two minutes I said whats your real name? Tommy she said, but please call me Tammy, I am more woman than man, well Pat said both Janet and I will have to ckeck you out and took "Tammy" into the bedroom, I got the call to come here and found Tammy laid naked on the bed and was hiding her cock, well she/he had a lovely pair of tits and they felt soft and nice her nipples were not overlarge and she was very soft skinned and no body hair, Janet took her hands away from her cock and Pat took it in her hands, it was about 5 inches and quite thin.

Tom said do you mind if I have her as my girl friend, Pat and Janet said we will think about it Tom, and said you had better get dressed Tammy, well we left it at that not expecting to see much more of Tammy again, but Tom is in love with his Tammy now, and has even offered to share Tammy with me (Brian) if we let her stay with Tom, this was Tammy's idea,I think she fancy's getting a large portion from me up her arse, seeing as poor old Tom only has 4 inches.