Written by Sue

28 Apr 2006

Well the cold winter nights have passed and Frank and I got the urge to revisit the car parks and sandhills near where we live so out came the white school blouse, the tiny short black skirt, skimpy red thong and black holdups and black high heels and off we went last Saturday night on our favourite game. As usual I wore heavy make up and as we drove along Frank was stroking me under my skirt and getting me even wetter. As soon as we reached the car park I removed my long coat and waited for the fun to start. Soon two very young lads came along my side of the van so I switched on the interior light and lay back in my seat. My blouse was unbuttoned nearly to the waist and my legs were open and they stopped dead and looked in. Immediately they both unzipped themselves and pulled out two lovely long cocks and one of them tried the door handle and opened it wide. They both reached in and started to touch me up, one of them slipped his hand inside my blouse and fondled my left tit and the other went up my skirt and stroked my cunt through my thong.I was in heaven as my body was explored and I opened my legs as wide as they would go as eager fingers slipped inside my knickers and found my clitty and my soaking wet cunt. All too soon I felt myself start to come and I let the waves wash over me. Reaching out I took their cocks in my hands and began to wank them off. They tried to hold back but I was too good for them and as they started to come I pointed their rigid cocks at my tits and they both spurted loads of come juice over my body. They muttered their thanks and wandered off as Frank massaged their sticky come into my tits.

After a while we left the car and wandered off into the sandhills and after a few minutes we met a well built guy coming the other way. My coat was open and I knew he was getting a lovely flash of my body and as we stopped he said hello and pulled my blouse wide open and pinched my erect nipple. He asked us if we were going to fuck and when we said yes he said their was a bench in the woods where six or seven guys were waiting for some fun so off we went.

When we reached the bench I could see the men in the moonlight and I let my coat fall to the ground as they surrounded me and started to touch me up. Soon hands were all over my tits and inside my thong and I even felt a finger slide up my arse as my blouse and skirt were removed and I was laid gently on my back on the bench. One of the hands on my tits belonged to a huge black man and as I fantasied about the length of his cock I let myself get carried away. Someone was between my legs and I felt his tongue start to lap at my cunt as my second come washed over me. My hands were taken and placed on to two decent sized cocks and I wanked them for all I was worth. Suddenly I could feel a huge cock against my mouth and as I opened my eyes I saw the black guy close to my head. I looked for Frank and he was standing between my legs about to fuck my cunt and he just smiled so I opened my mouth and greedily sucked in the biggest cock I had ever seen. Frank rammed his cock up my cunt as I held the black cock in both hands and sucked it deep into my throat. I was nearly gagging as he moved it as deep as it would go. I was in wonderland with a cock up my cunt, one in my mouth and one in each hand and fingers touching me everywhere as once again I had a lovely come. The black guy grunted and suddenly he shot an enormous load into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could before he pulled away. All the other guys were wanking off and one after the other they shot their loads all over my tits to end a fabulous night.

Thanks for all your previous E- mails telling me what you would like to do to me. We love to read them.