Written by Frenchy

11 Apr 2004

Remember me? I'm the lucky lad who got fucked by 2 charming ladies (Lydia and Nathalie)and enjoyed it (story posted end of march). We then saw each other on a regular basis for a period of 2 years during whichh we experimented with sex and role play. On such an occasion, we decided to go to a sex shop on Cours Lieutaud (road in Marseille). It was a modern and clean sex shop on three levels with viewing cabins for couples and singles in the basement, not seedy at all and quite upmarket.

We decided on the movie we wanted to watch (looked at by all the blokes in the sex shop)and went down to our cabin (2 seats and a bit of space in front of the screen). We did not close the door of our cabin, hoping for someone to come in. I sat down and the girls went down in front of me, unzipped me and started sucking and licking my cock. Feeling the 2 tongues going up and down my shaft was so exciting that we did not notice a 40 years old man coming inside our cabin until he spoke. He asked politely if he could watch us fuck while masturbating and Lydia told him: sure, just close the door. He took his trousers down and started playing with his cock. I then told him to start licking and touching the girls, i want them wet and open for my cock and you're going to prepare the 2 whores for me; If you do it well, I might let you clean them after and you might even get sucked. His face disapeared in between lydia's legs while his hand started playing with Nathalie. I could hear them moaning as he went from one girl to the other, licking, sucking, and fingering them in turn.lydia was now swallowing my dick and nathalie was eating my balls. I then asked them if they were wet enough to be fucked. The answer being yes , I told him to sit down in front of them and told the girl to suck him dry. I came behind Lydia and pushed my hard cock inside her wet pussy while i started fisting Nathalie's dripping vagina.She's squirtingjuices all over my hand, pushing herself against it, fucking herself as hard as she could.Both of them were sucking him in turn, playing with his long thin cock. He had his hands in their hair and was fucking their mouth in turn. I came out of Lydia's pussy and went straight into nathalie's bum, taking her slowly while fingering Lydia. He came in their mouth, I could see the spunk in their mouth as they were now kissing each other while licking his juicy cock. I kept on fucking Nathalie's ass and pulled it out before I came and spunked them both. He then cleaned their dripping holes with his tongue. We got dressed, said goodbye and left.