Written by Petite_Sausage

17 Jan 2007

I have visited this beach on several occasions as I live here in North Wales and regard the beach as my 'local'.

Over the years, I have noticed a number of people lurking in the dunes and assumed that this was where meetings between gays occured. I therefore stayed on the beach.

Over time I noticed a few guys leave their wives on the beach and venture into the duned area. I started to notice one-or-two couples venturing into this apparently off-limits place.

Sitting on the sand and frustrated at the lack of activity I decided to get up and see what the fuss was all about....

I stood up and as usual, my cock likes to have a little stretch(only slightly) and pick himself an inch away from my ball sac to hang an swing in the summer sunshine (freedom has this effect on him). I'm not average-sized in the penis department and I normally hang around 6 and three quarter inches when I'm soft, going to about 7 and a half inches semi-erect and a full 8 and three quarters when at full mast (I did see 9 inches once-when I had popped a blue pill...God that was a good erection....I could have hung a wet Donkey Jacket off it!!). Anyway, staying at around 7 inches, I clambered up the dunes. I don't like to be semi-erect in front of guys as it may send out false messages so I made an effort to return to the fully-flaccid state in order to explore this new habitat.

As I ventured through the dunes, I noticed that there was some sort of encampment on the shoulder of one of the larger dunes and a couple of guys where gathered at the edge of this 'windbreak' camp. I decided to venture closer to see what could be drawing such a crowd. Peeping my head past the gathering of about three/four guys all stroking their cocks, I noticed a guy with a camcorder filming a woman(who turned out to be his wife) on her knees, straddling a guy whilst she kissed him and was wanking him furiously whilst he stroked her pussy!!

Bloody Hell!!! I've hit the motherload!!!

My mind reeled as I wasn't sure what to do. Would I spoil the fun for the group If I stayed? What was etiquette in being invited to watch? I decided to see how things progressed and watched this woman continue to wank this guy like she was searching for the last drops of ketchup from the bottle. The watching group were busily wanking whilst they watched. I decided to leave the group in peace. Walking away many things flitted through my head, 'Should I join in?' 'Have a try!' came another voice in my head.

I returned about five minutes later to see that the woman was now giving her husband a blowjob and that the guy she had been wanking was now standing in the marram grass wanking his cock whilst watching them. Three guys had left leaving one guy in a baseball cap stroking his little grey cock at the sight before him. I have never wanked in front of a guy before, but the woman who was sucking her husbands cock, was looking at me as she slowly slid his cock between her lips. 'I've got to join in', I thought. 'I'm going to miss out on this'. Biting the bullet and this woman teasing me by going deep throat on this guy, I reached down and closed my hand around my semi-erect cock and began to slowly pull my foreskin backwards and forwards. My cock became fully erect in no time, the guy with the little grey cock looked at my cock wide-eyed and left. The guy in the marram had what looked like a seven incher and he began to try and beckon me over to stand next to him. No chance, I don't fancy another guy playing with my cock. 'That's one fuck of a cock you've got there' the guy in the marram grass said. He tried his best to get me to come and stand by him. I stood my ground and slowly pulled my foreskin halfway up my bellend (it won't fit all thwe way over) and back. The woman shifted her husbands' hips in order to watch me as she sucked him. His cock was about 7 and a half inches erect and she was watching mine like the last number in a winning Lotto. I moved slightly closer, pumping my foreskin slighlty faster, the veins on my shaft stood out like thick rope, my bellend was like a large ripe fruit glistening in the sunshine. Precum was oozing from the end. I felt my balls tighten as my cock tightened and pulsed as I shot a load of cum across the sand. The woman gave a muffled moan as she watched.

That was awesome. I would love to do it again this summer as I visit Morfa Dyffryn beach regularly.

I wonder if that couple will ever come back and let me take the place of that guy being filmed. I think they know who they are!