Written by Ian

6 Dec 2006

Several weeks ago I recounted on SH my first experience in a gay sauna in London. And since then I've been back several times and my most recent visit, just before I finished working in the city - well it was quite special.

I was happily minding my own business in the steam room when two guys opposite me got into some heavy oral on eachother. Then they both disappeared together and went off to a private room. I saw one of them later, but more of that to come.

I was sat there gently pulling myself off and had loads of pre-cum dribbling onto my hands. I licked it up and wow it tasted good - but I wanted more than that.

I decided to go to the sauna room and found several guys in there, watching two fellers in the corner. The younger one was lain against the wall, feet up on the bench and a real rock hard thick prick, about 8" sticking up and visibly throbbing. His mate across the bench was encouraging him to uncover fully. So another older guy was sat next to him was gently playing with the prick, slowly wanking it up and down, and fingering the tip. Then he started to kiss the guy's nipples, and was obviously biting as a few yelps of ecstacy and pain were to be heard.

All the other guys were just watching transfixed, pricks in their own hands, gently rubbing themselves off.

In time the older guy got down to business and immersed this monster rod into his mouth, all the way down to the base. The owner just sighed and groaned, saying "Oh suck me, suck me...!" - and from then on for a good few minutes the groans got longer and louder as the head went up and down more and more on this prick.

You could hear the sucking noises, hear the gasping for breath, and the moans and groans coming from the recipient of this tremendous blow-job.

Suddenly a loud shout announced the stream of spunk that must have erupted. Quickly the mouth came off the knob and a hand continued the action as spunk jetted up and over them both. It went up and landed on both of them, several streams of it - I've never seen such a cum fountain, and golly it was hard to avoid cumming on the floor myself as well.

After a while the older guy left and the young chap just lay there panting, moaning and saying "What a fuck, what a suck". His mate across the room, said, "Now you know why I said its good to come here!"

Soon the room emptied, and this young guy got up, his rod still rock hard and walked out. He left for the showers and I went back to the steam room.

I sat next to another younger guy, and was almost immediately aware of gentle stroking of my thigh, and then a hand on my prick. I reached out for his and he motioned to follow him out. We went long the corridor amongst seveal half-naked men, and entered a room. I dropped my towel and sat on the bench.

He locked the door and came over to me, we embraced and fondled eachother's cocks. I went down on him, but he didn't want to be sucked. Instead he reached for some KY sachets and split one open and spread it over both our cocks, and holding them both together, he rubbed the jelly into them and over the tips. Slowly he increased the pace and was wanking himself and me off at the same time and our pricks were rubbing alongside eachother. It was quite mind-blowing as the jelly was soothing and making me more and more senistive to his touch. He kept up the pace and rejected my attempts to take part too.

When we came, and it was together, our juices mingled on our pricks and he continued to massage the KY and our spunk into our shafts. He squeezed and he rubbed and, me being cut got that very sensitive feeling in my tip that I wanted to cum all over him again.

It was the best ejaculation I'd had in months. We cleaned up and went our seprate ways, me back to the steam room and he to the changing rooms.

On my return to the darkness of the steam room, the guy who I had originally seen in there was back again being sucked off by another. He'd already had one session I guessed was now back for desserts.

I had wanted to have some of that too, but I was approached by a young chap who sidled up to me, reached down between my legs and probed my prick and my sac gently. I quickly responded and grew harder again quite soon. He then stood infront of me, and I handled his lovely rock hard prick. In seconds it seemed, I was feeling that I would cum again. He slowed and he quickened the pace and soon I had the feeling that my sac was about to empty.

I felt my balls tighten, my prick flexed in his hand, my groin ached and soon I was cumming all over his hand and his prick. I reached out and played with my juices as they sprayed on him. He patted my thigh and went to sit next to me again.

I recovered and then crouching in front of him, reached down with my mouth and enveloped his prick. I could taste my own cum on him as well as the sweat we had both created. I bobbed up and down on his rod, taking as much as I could into my mouth. It was rock hard, it was pulsating in my mouth. It was growing by the moment it seemed and I suddenly felt him tense up as he let himself go.

The jet of spunk streamed out of his tip in great gobs and squirted into my wide open mouth and down my chin onto my chest. I savoured every drop that didn't escape. I pushed it around my mouth and tasted the saltiness of another man's cum. So for the first time here, I decided that I had to swallow. I've done that before with a few other guys I've met on SH dates, but never just a random meet. Boy it tasted good!

WOW - I had been wanked twice. I had watched a sauna virgin being sucked in public and now I had a mouth dripping full of cum. But I had to drag myself away, promising to make another visit whenever I could.

I hope to do so soon, and maybe will meet other guys for similar fun together? Perhaps one of them will be you? Write to me, if you enjoyed this account, and maybe we can arrange a date at the sauna club?