Written by MEN

27 Jun 2006

If you read my first encounter with mother and spiteful daughter 26th May you will know how the scene was set and the the daughter was a spiteful bitch, only looking out for herself.

Well I have visited the mother on several occasions and given her a good seeing too, she likes it hard and rough, no foreplay, walk through the door rip her knickers off and straight in and give her a good fuck.

I actually had a delivery to make to the house on this sunny day and as I walked round the back expecting to see the mother, who was sunbathing topless but the daughter and a friend.

They sat up and the bitch of a daughter announces to her friend that I was the one who fucks her mother on a regular basis and that I had also fucked her.

She told me to come closer in a real superior manner and said that I was to service her and her friend or she would still tell on her mother as she put her hand into my trousers.

The friend pulled off the bikini bottoms and started to push her fingers into her pussey saying me first.

The daughter has taken my cock in her mouth and it is rock hard.

I was then told to fuck the friend hard, I moved between her legs and pushed my cock straight up her and started to fuck her.

The daughter came behind me and the bitch that she is, grabbed my balls squeezed and stuck her nails in by balls, saying that was for fucking her rough last time.

The pain sent me thrusting into her mate real hard and made me mad so I fucked her fast and furious.I shot my load right upher.

Daughter was laughing,and her friend said she had enjoyed that as my spunk dribbled from her cunt.

I pushed my sticky cock into her mouth and told her to get me hard as I was going to fuck the daughter next.

As soon as I was hard I grabbed the daughter by the hair ,dragged her to a table ripped her pants off bent her over and shoved my cock hard up her cunt, pulling back on her hair all the time.

The friend was near by so I put my fingers in her cunt lubricated my fingers and started to rub my fingers over the daughters arse as I thrust in and out of her cunt, first one finger then two then three she cried out like hell.

When I thought she could take me I pulled out of her cunt and shoved my cock into her arse in one move up to my balls .

Still holding onto her hair I started to thrust for all I was worth full length strokes until I could hold back no more and while deep inside her I filled her arse with hot spunk.

I pulled out, left her over the table while I got dressed.

As I started to leave the daughter announces that I am to visit every Wednesday to service her and her friend and I can keep fucking mother whenever I like. The bitch actually likes it rough so who am I too complain.Like mother like daughter.