Written by John

19 Jul 2004

I have put this story on here as i was reading Dans story of having his wifes mother.

This reminds me of the couple of times i to have had sex with my mother-in-law, it has only been twice we have played but both times have been exciting for both of us, a little about her , her name is Barbera, she is known as B to everyone B is 51 yrs young slim with a nice bust, dresses nice and is really easy to get on with.

It all started when we went out for family nights out and gatherings, she would always flirt and tease me by saying i was the best son-in-law she had and how her daughter was the luckiest woman alive, you know the stuff ego's are made of, she always would dance with me and make sure there was some kind of sex talk whilst dancing.

To be honest i hadn't really thought of her sexually until recently when her car was broken and had to reley on people in the family to take her places, of course i never gave it a second thought for taking her places when i was available.

The first time it happened, i had taken her to a meeting about 30 miles away from where she lives and waited in the car for her, about an hour or so later she came out of the meeting , we were driving home and i had noticed that her skirt had ridden up and was showing what i thought were stockings, i would soon find out they were tights. B was wearing a skirt suit with a white blouse that was un-buttoned at the top . The chat had weirdly turned to a more adult chat , how her and her husband were doing relationship wise, B told me that she suspected her fella was cheating on her(my wife had told me that he was cheating on her as he had been seen)so i didn't know what to say to her other than say i couldnt't believe it if he was, trying to console her. B started to get very upset so i found a pub and we stopped off for a drink to calm her down, once inside B broke down in tears, i sat beside her and held her , the pub was not busy so i wasnt bothered that she was upset, i had my arm around her and she had her head on my shoulder and she had hold of my hand. After the tears had stopped we had a really good chat about things and she started to tell me about my wife and how she knew something about her but didnt want to say, so i pleaded her to tell me, she eventually came out with , my wife had cheated on me as one of her friends had seen her with another man(this man i actually knew, as we often have 3sums with him and i wasnt about to tell B that)i pretended to be shocked and things , B told me that her daughter was lucky to have me and how could she do that to me.

B started to rub my leg and try to console me even though i wasnt bothered, a bit annoyed that my wife had been seen and what people were thinking of her even though thats how we live, but anyway thats another story.

To be honest the way B was rubbing my leg i did get excited, and had started to breathe faster, so i returned the favour to her , rubbing her leg futher up to the hem of her skirt and pushed my hand up toward her knickers, but she had tights on not stockings as i had thought, but i started to rub her through her tights anyway, she had started to breathe faster as she was starting to fondle me through my trousers. I pulled away from B and told her that we were in a pub and we couldnt and shouldnt be doing this.

B said that she wanted me and we could drive somewhere, i was totally shocked and my head was spinning, we just stood up and went back to the car, When inside B was straight on my cock like a mad woman, she unzipped me, and started to suck me , i found a spot to park the car up and i then went straight for her and shoved my hand under her skirt she opened her legs really wide for me so i could rub her and i could feel she was wet, all the while we were kissing like to school kids.

I asked B if she would jump in the back with me, which we did, B took her tights off and i pulled my clothes off so she could get better access to me, she soon was back to sucking me , and i had my had inside her silky pants and to my shock she was totally shaven smooth, i could not believe that she had a shaven pussy, B was soon coming all over my hand, and the way she was sucking me off i wasnt going to last long, so i pulled B onto my lap, she slowly impaled herself onto my ready to burst cock, i undone her blouse and started to suck her nipples which i already suspected would be big and hard as my wifes are and i wasnt dissapointed, i soon had them really erect and when i say big i mean big, B was really a sexy woman and i couldnt believe and still cant believe why her husband has been cheating on her.

In the backseat things things got really frantic and we both came together, there was my cum all over and B's, it was the best sex i have ever had off an older woman, we both sat and spoke for a while and talked about how things would go from here, i couldnt answer as i am happy with my wife( as we do swing and we both love it)i told B we shouldnt do it again, we both got dressed and i drove her home, we spoke about it all the way.

I spoke to B the next day and she wanted to meet me again for the same thing.

I have met B since then at her house which is another story, i have found things out about B and her husband that are very similar to the ones me and my wife have, it has opened my eyes over the past few months, i will tell you about it in the near future

And thanx to Dan for posting his story of the mother-in-law as there are things out there that do happen to us ordinary people.