Written by Michael

28 Aug 2006

Ok, so even the thought of intamcy with your mother-in-law seems a little "out there" for some. For me, the idea is something that raced through my mind the first time I met her!

After 20 years of marriage and light flirting with the mother-in-law, what was imprisoned in my mind had an opportunity to be fulfilled.

Since my family lives several hours from the in-laws, spending time together only comes during the holidays. My mother-in-law, a widower, had invited us to spend the Christmas holiday with her.

When the time came to pack up the kids and the van, all of the gifts could not be loaded. My wife was furious that I couldn't figure out a way to fit some of her larger gifts into the van for the trip home ... the only "solution" to keep peace would be for me to return the following week and pick up the rest of the gifts.

Dutifully, I returned alone to my mother-in-laws home to whisk up the gifts and head home the following morning. What I didn't realize was the fact my mother-in-law had one more present for me to unwrap.

Getting to her house late that evening, she abruptly stated that she needed to shower and head for bed in order to work the next day ... I was welcome to stay up as long as I wanted.

I took a chance ... I asked if I could brush my teeth before she went into the bathroom for her shower. She agreed and I went into the bathroom, into her bedroom, and chose a favorite nightgown she had worn a few times in front of me along with a pair of french cut white panties. The teal silky short gown and the white panties were laid at the foot of her bed before I returned to the living room.

When I came back into the living room I told her thanks and that I had laid something on her bed that I hoped she would where since it was my favorite. At first, an confused and upset look came across her face. She went into the bathroom/bedroom and I heared the shower run. A few minutes after the shower had gone off, she called me back so that she could just say good night.

Standing before me was a beautiful, mature, and sexy mother-in-law ... wearing a teal green silky nightie. To my amazement, she confessed that she too had hoped my return trip would amount to more than loading up the spoils for her spoiled daughter.

She asked if I wanted to unwrap this final gift as she gently lifted her hem to show that the white panties were a missing part of the outfit.

Right there I slowly kissed her and knelt in front of her. As her hands raced through my hair and as she mummered "Oh yes" I sliped my tongue deep inside of her ... awaking her womanly lusts.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, exchanges of oral pleasure continued for some time. I must confess that when she straddled me and rode slowly up and down on me had to be the best present I have ever accepted! All I can say is that she is supposed to come out in a few months for my birthday ... I hope she brings the teal gown!