Written by randy

4 Oct 2012

I have always knew that my mother in law was a slut for a woman of 50 she goes through men like we are going out of fashion. Ever since I got married 15yrs ago we have not had a lot to do with each other apart for Christmas birthdays the usual stuff and of course can you come fix this for me which would include just basic stuff like programing the TV to putting up a shelf. My wife knows what her mother is like and for that reason does not like me doing any of the DIY jobs unsupervised. any way just before last Christmas she asked if I would put the ceiling decorations up and the speakers on the wall for the surround sound I agreed though I may get a better Christmas prezzie than just socks this year. So I went round knocked on the door and when she answered the door I got the shock of my life she looked like she had been pulled through a hedge backwards she apologised saying she had just got up and if I did not mind she would have a shower while I worked I said yea go for it. I went in the room and all the decorations were laid out for me and she had kindly pulled all the wires out the back of the TV and sub great she thought she was being nice I assume but I prepare to take them apart myself. With decks up I make a start on the surround sound system. She comes in the room wearing a dressing gown asking if I want a cuppa I said that would be great. When she came back in she put it on the top of ladders for me I looked down to say thank you and I could see right down the top of the gown and could see her tits I looked a little longer than I should and she saw me looking I quickly got back to work and hoped she never said anything. After the speakers were on the wall she asked me if I would like another cuppa I agreed. When she came back in the room the gown belt fell of and it parted slightly not enough to show her tits but enough for me to see she was fully shaved. She made a comment about I had seen all of her today. After was finished she said you can use the shower if you like I said thank you for that and went upstairs I locked the door as I went in and jumped in the shower I must admit I was very horny at what I had seen and I was starting to stroke my cock when she tapped on the glass door I nearly had heart failure I have never jumped so much in my life I shouted how did you get in here I locked the door she replied the lock can be overridden from the outside like a hospital door can. She started to open the glass door which was all steamed up and got in I said what you doing she replied well you have seen me so I thought it was my turn and besides I think that erection is because of me or am I wrong I was in such shock I could not speak for a moment then I said I think you better get out and I better go home. This was killing me as I really wanted to but everything in my head was saying get out. She grabbed my cock and I tried to push her away she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit which I pulled away and dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth and at this point I thought sod it and just stood and enjoyed the moment. After a few minute she stood up got my hand I led me to her bedroom and pushed me on the bed and I know this is sad but my first thought was the bed is getting wet then as she started to suck on my cock that thought when she was great sucking and lucking my cock and balls. I asked her to move round so I could lick her pussy while she sucked on me which she did sat on my face while sucking my cook I was paying attention to her clit and rubbing her pussy hole with my finger before pushing one inside of her hole when I pulled my finger from her pussy it was soaking wet so I decide to rub her arsehole to see how she reacted to that and she moaned as I did so I slowly started to push my finger in her butthole and she moaned louder so I stuck two fingers in her pussy and two in her pussy and was moaning quite loud so kept going until she got up and said I want you to stick that cock in my pussy. I got up on my knee’s with her bent over the foot board on the bed and stuck my cock straight up her pussy while grabbing her hair which she seemed to like after a few minutes I said to her what do you think about me gunna shove my cock up your arse and she replied if you want sir but don’t hurt me. I was a little thrown by that at first and thought I wonder if she is wanting to switch roll’s so I said I am going to hurt you a little and I am just gunna enjoy while waiting for her reaction then after a short pause she says anything you say sir so I pulled out of her pussy and pushed it up her arse till I was all the way in and rode her hard I said shall I come up your arse or shoot it up your pussy she replied where ever you would like sir I pulled out and shoved it back in her pussy and pumped her full of my spunk when I was finished I feel back on to the bed and closed my eyes when I felt her turn round I opened my eyes as she grabbed my cock and started to suck on it she lifted her head for a moment and said it’s not over yet I am going to suck you hard again then you are going to ride me again and again and next me I will be inviting a friend of mine.

After a couple of hours of riding I left for home and nothing we have seen her a few times since but not a word from her about it not so much as a cheeky look it was like nothing happened at all I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed I was almost looking forward to her friend woman are a mystery