Written by Wolfman

19 Apr 2006


I’d been married for 20 years when my wife went into Hospital with the big ‘C’. Mother-in Law lived opposite and when the wife was allowed home to rest up prior to the next session of treatment, mother in law used to pop over to do the odd job around the house as well as sit with my wife.

I had completed a jigsaw puzzle in the back dinning room and on this particular morning, still in my dressing gown (I wore no pyjamas) I was about to clear it away when mother in law popped in. She blushed when she saw I wasn’t dressed and went into the living room where my wife had her bed. (She was unable to climb stairs)

I started to clear the puzzle from the table and dropped the box. Puzzle was everywhere. I crouched down and started to pick up the pieces when mother in law put her head around the door and said, “Oh I wondered what that was” obviously referring to the sound of the box crashing to the floor. She came in and crouching down helped me collect some of the pieces. At first I just went on picking up the bits, then looking up I caught her looking between my legs and she quickly diverted her eyes away and carried on collecting the pieces from the floor. She had obviously seen my cock swinging between my spread and bent legs. At first I thought it was my imagination, then I caught a quick glimpse of pink silky knicker leg as she leaned to one side. My cock reacted immediately, an action she was quick to notice when I caught her looking again.

“Like what you see”? I said softly.

She flustered and her face went scarlet.

“It’s your knickers, I think they look so sexy”

A face went a deeper red when I reached forward and ran my hand over her knee right up to the elasticated leg of her knickers.

I looked her in the eye, she looked scared stiff or was it arousal/ I pushed my hand up along the warm silky rayon of her knicker leg. That’s when she pressed her hand over mine and hissed,

“Stop, your just making it harder for yourself”.

I laughed thinking she was referring to my throbbing cock but obviously she wasn’t.

She stood up and I followed then to my complete surprise she kissed me on the cheek and left the room.

I went up stairs and into the bathroom where I slipped off my dressing gown and began to toss off. Suddenly the door opened and mother in law was right behind me.

“Here let me do that for you, after all I was responsible for it all anyway”.

I was flabbergasted and I took a sharp breath when her cool hand wrapped around my cock and began to toss me off.

This went on for about five minutes with no sign of me coming off.

“Am I do it right”? she asked

“Oh yes, your doing fine, but are you sure you don’t want to have me shoot onto your skirt”?

She let go my cock and unzipped her skirt and it fell around her ankles. She was wearing a pink half slip I had no trouble pulling down also to reveal her wonderful silky knickers. Her small frame reminded me of a school girl when I was at school who used to hold up the front of her gym tunic that allowed us small group of boys to whack off in front of her. We used to think she got as much out of watching us cum than we did cumming.

Mother in law’s hand returned to my cock and she was manipulating my foreskin like nothing on earth. I now had a hand on her rayon covered hip that I was caressing when I cried out that I was cumming. Before I realised it, she bent over and slipped her mouth over the head of my cock just at the moment of my cumming. Mind you it could have been the affect of my right hand pressing into her crotch that did it.

When she stood up she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand just as a man does when he sups his first pint.

She was smiling. “Did you like that”?

“Did I ever, you were fantastic”

“I realise it must be difficult for you in not being able to have sex, but there are ways”?

She was grinning from ear to ear as she pulled her half slip and then her skirt up. She cocked her head to one side and said, “See you later” and flicked my now flaccid cock then left.

Later was two weeks later. My wife was back in Hospital. I have to confess that I used to get my jollies in wearing some of my wife’s underwear. Not only did I find it very relaxing, it also made me very horny. Experimenting led to my going all the way with a dress and one of her wigs. I applied a little make up and I was amazed at the results. This practise went on for a while but I was very careful. I had a friend who was having a problem with his marriage who popped in when he was in the area for a coffee and a chat. Naturally the conversation got around to sex and his questions referring to my having to revert to wanking not that my wife was so ill brought up his own problems saying he hadn’t had sex with his wife for almost three months and that wanking wasn’t always the solution.

He finished his coffee and left. I couldn’t wait to get into drag and I was relaxing around the house when there was a knock at the door. I looked through the window to see my friend standing there. I panicked and ran to the other end of the room to pull the drapes across but too late. There he was looking in at me.

“Come on, don’t sod about let me in”.

Nervously I let him in.

“Put the kettle on, I’m gasping”.

He went into the living room and I made a pot of tea. Taking it in I was very apprehensive as to what his real reaction would be to my mode of attire. Sitting down he looked at me and said,

“You make one hell of a woman, are you wearing knickers as well”?

My nod saw his hand slide over my knee.

“Gosh you feel so sexy, your making me horny look”.

I looked at his crotch and saw the bulge pressing against his pants. The movement of his hand had awoken my own cock that his hand soon discovered.

“Wow you feel so sexy and I love your panties, pink is one of my favourites”.

He eased my cock out from the leg of my panties and slipped his mouth over it. My God it felt wonderful, he had obviously done this before as he had his tongue under my foreskin and was flicking it around until it involuntarily rolled back then he really went at it.

I was holding his head when I blasted off and other than a slight break of rhythm he took it all down.

“Gosh I have always wanted to do that to you. I knew you weren’t getting any and I know only to well what that’s like. I’d love to fuck you, you have a great arse just waiting for a nice hard cock”.

I knelt on my chair and he applied some KY to my arse, then he gently pushed in. It had been years since I had a cock in my arse but the sensation I was getting brought memories flooding back.

My friend was kissing the back of my neck and gently thrusting in and out of me sending waves of sensation through me. When he came he cried out that he loved me then his voice went into a sobbing sound as each jet shot into me.

I will never forget the sensation of his gently and slowly pulling out of me, it was as though my whole insides were falling out of me. He kissed me on the mouth and amazingly I found myself responding.

“You were fantastic. I like to think we both got something out of it all”?

When he had gone I had to change my panties, they were soaked, anyway I felt I had to change back as it were.

That weekend I accompanied mother in law to the Hospital to visit my wife who was in a pretty bad way and heavily drugged. On the way home she asked what I would do when she eventually passes on. I hadn’t a clue and I said as much. Arriving home I invited her in for a late drink.

I never got a chance. Suddenly she held me in her arms and pressed her lips to mine in a long passionate kiss. Her lower body pressed against the fast growing bulge in my pants.

When she broke free she said, “Take your clothes off, I want you to fuck me”.

I performed the fastest strip ever. Watching her removing her dress and slip she now stood in her knickers .stockings and bra that she quickly unfastened letting her small breasts fall free. God how hard her nipples looked. I helped her off with her knickers and she lay back on the carpet and I was in her in seconds.

“Oh my God” she cried, “Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard”.

I was humping her like a mad man. Her slippery wetness was driving me crazy and I knew I couldn’t hold back for long. Then she gave one hell of a scream and began humping against me crying out and rolling her head from side to side like someone out of their head. I just let fly and jet after jet shot into her soaking cunt.

We lay together panting like crazy. That was one hell of a session and I realised where my wife got her passion from. It was getting late and we dressed and she left, but clearing up I saw she had left her knickers laying on the settee. Just fondling the silky material brought my cock up again and I found myself reliving one of the best fucks I had ever had and shooting into her still warm knickers.

What a month that’s been.