Written by Cater for all

18 Nov 2004

Dee and I run a successful catering company,recently we were invited to one of the local gentry`s grand house to tender for their daughters wedding.The lady of the house, Mrs Debrette,invited us into her lounge and explained what she was looking for,200 guests were expected,5 course meal and champagne were all mentioned.While we spoke I couldn`t help noticing,for her age,how attractive Mrs Debrette was.Slim with perfectly formed breasts and legs to die for,it was very obvious she had taken great care in her appearance over the years and was quite fanciable.

As luck would have it our quotation was accepted and I went to see Mrs Debrette to sign the usual paperwork,tie up a few loose ends and have a look around the house.Mrs Debrette insisted I call her Amelia and gave me the grand tour.I enquired if Mr Debrette would be joining us,Amelia just looked away and said that he was away in London,I could sense some coldness in her voice.

On further visits when ever I mentioned Amelia`s husband she steered the coversation away.

Plans were progressing well till one afternoon,Dee took a call from Amelia announcing that a further 50 guests had been invited,could we still provide our services at the same price?We had already cut our margins to win the contract so this made it impossible,there was no way we could agree without renegotiation.

I arranged to call in on Amelia that afternoon.When I arrived was shown into the lounge where she invited me to join her for a drink.When I told her that there was no way we could do the catereing without increasing our costs she seem annoyed.Amelia asked if we could perhaps go over my prices together as her daughter`s happiness meant everything.Sitting on the sofa opposite me we began go over the details.Whilst we spoke I noticed that from time to time she crossed and uncrossed her legs presenting me with glimpses of her stocking tops and on one occassion as she leant forward I had full view of a bare thigh and suspenders.I felt my cock stir inside my pants,and had to hide my erection beneath some papers.

I agreed to resumit the plans providing both she and Mr Debrette were in agreement.Amelia went quiet and started crying.Asking her what was wrong?Amelia said that although she and her husband lived under the same roof,they lived seperate lives.More tears flowed and without thinking I put my arms around her to offer comfort.Amelia moved in closer her head nestled on my chest.Her closeness and warmth did nothing for my erection as it nudged gently against her stomach.She pushed herself against me raised her face to mine and began to passionately kiss me.It was obvious that this woman had been starved of affection for sometime,her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I responded.Breaking away from our embrace Amelia took my hand and led me upstairs.Resuming in the bedroom I slowly and removed Amelia`s clothing kissing the bare flesh as it became exposed.This seemed to drive her wild and she began to rip at my clothing.Leaving her still clad only in her stockings and suspenders I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

There was no foreplay,her hands fed my cock into her wet cunt,Amelia screamed at me to fuck her fast and hard.It wasn`t love making,more animal lust.

"Fuck,fuck,fuck me!!!,don`t hold back"she screamed.Driven on by her need for release she locked her nylon clad legs around me pulling me deeper inside her.My climax built and with one last thrust unloaded deep inside her,she came quickly soon after.Holding her tight as her orgasms subsided I kissed away her tears.Sensing she needed more I moved down her body tracing its outline with kisses paying special attention to her breasts and erect nipples.I moved to her open thighs and began to lick at her red and swollen cunt lips,my reward was a gush of our mixed cum juices,gathering a mouthful I deposited some into her mouth as we kissed again.

Amelia and I spent the rest of the day together,years of sexual frustration stripped away as we fucked,sucked,boy could she suck,and generally enjoying each others bodies.

Making excuses to Dee was easy,Amelia and I managed to fuck each other almost every day until the wedding schedule took more of her time.