Written by Jack

29 Mar 2006

it turns out that my motherinlw had not had a good marrag and since her divorce some years ago had not bothered with another man, (nor woman.) My motherinlaw once, under the influence of wine, that her husband had failed her in many ways, including in bed! The conversation had continued with her telling me that he was a mothers boy and rather weak. It also came out that she had wanted a strong man, while he wanted a strong woman; much like his mother had been: but thay had met and married anyway,'big mistake,' she had said, 'big mistake.'

A few months and some very good sex later, how we got together is another story as she was quite shy - anyway, a few months later I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive out in the country, she had replied that that would be nice. As her daughter, my wife, was away for two nights,it was quite safe.

We left early evening and got to our location (a car park down a short country lane) just as it was getting dark. I parked the car near the trees and turned on the radeo. As I looked around I noticed three other cars and not counting the one that had come in behind us. All the cars were parked some distance apart. I leaned over and pulled my motherinlaw towards me, she came with no resistance into my arms, I started kissing her on her eager lips. Mary, pulled away and said, 'is it safe here.'

I told her yes, though in trouth I knew that it was known for lovers and spectators alike, thats why I chose this parking place. She sank back into my arms and we kissed again, as we did so I let my hand slide up under her blouse and into her bra, mary, moaned gently, 'I'v been waiting over a week for this,' she said and kissed me harder.....

A car headlight flashed powerfully, my motherinlaw opened her eyes and said, 'whats going on there.'

I looked and saw a man leaning into the window at the rear of the care, 'Oh, I said, he is waching the couple in that car have sex.'

'What, she replied.'

So I repeated, 'he is waching the couple in the car have sex.'

'Do they know he is there, can they see him?'

'Yes, I told her, they want him to whach.'

'Why, she replied.'

'Because it turns them on to let people wach them fuck.'

'There's anothe man now, she said in surprise.'

'Thats why they come here, I informed my motherinlaw.'

'Hell, she said, "'never herd of that before.'

'It goes on all over the place, I enlightened, people fuck, others wach.'

'Strange, she said.'

'Why,' I asked, then, 'remember that porno I showed you and we sat waching it then had sex?'

'Yes, she answard.'

'Same thing isn't it, we wached couples fucking then we fucked, thing is, this is live and interactive?'

'I can see what your saying and I can't disagree with what you have said.'

'Good, I replied.'

'But how do they know who to wach, she asked?'

'Remember that headlight flashing, I said.'

'yes, she replied.' Then before I could continue she said, 'Oh, I get it now, the light lets them know it's ok to wach.'

'You got it, I said with a smile, then, now get your hand on this, I guided her hand to my stiff cock, my motherinlaw started wanking me off.'

'Is that why they don't come over to us, because we don't flash, she enquired?'

'yes, I said, why do you want me to flash.'

'No way, Mary laughed, I would be ashaimed to let someone wach, wouldn't you?'

'No, I said honnestly.'

'Now shhhhhh, I tried to hush her up, wank me off, I said, pulling her to me again and kissing her, but she was still not satisfied.'

'Do they just wach, she asked/'

'No, they may wank off or if lucky, the couple in the car may let them take an active part.'

'Like what, Mary, asked?'

To this I replied, 'it could be anything from fingering the woman, licking her out, or playing eith her tits, she may even wank him off or suck him and if really lucky he may get to fuck her.'

'Your kidding, she said?'

'With a stranger, she said.'

'Why not, I replied, its only sex, not dating, its of the moment for the moment, its just lust.'

'I kouldn't do that, she said, not a stranger.'

I thought I would try her out and see how far out talk could go, so I said, 'pitty.'

What? she said?'

'I said, it' a pitty that you are such a prude, you'll wach a porno but not take actual part, thats a bit of a sham don't you think, and, a bit like window shopping.'

'It's not, she shot back in reply.'

'yes it is, I said then, you complained about your ex not being a man and never taking a risk and your sex life being a flop, you are just as bad.'

My motherinlaw didn't like that one bit, she said a little to sharply, 'I have sex with you don't I, my soninlaw.'

'That's safe as well, I told her, you know me and you know I am safe and what we have is safe, you have no need to take a risk, you have no need to wonder if what we have will last because even if it doesn't I will still be here for you and if you were desperate for a fuck I will fuck you.' Mary was silent, she knew I was right in what I said.

............I saw my motherinlawas hand reach over and without warning she pushed the light switch....it flashed once.....she did it again before I could stop her.

'What the fu.. I said?'

'Well, she said in a challenge, what now.........?'

I looked out into the car-park, a man was moving towards our car. I thought about driving away but on second thought Mary, would only say it was me who was afraid.

I like to be in control, I liked to carry the action and Mary, had forced me into action......

I pulled my motherinlaw toward me and started kissing her, with one hand I was pushing up her top, 'take it off, I said into her mouth, take your top off.'

Mary resisted a little, I think she was surprised how quick the action was going..... she eased her back away from the seat and I helped her to take her blouse off, she was now in her bra, as soon as it was off she hugged me closer, she was trying to hide her breasts. I had to laugh at how she was behaving.....

I took a look to the side, there was a face at the window; I rached up and turned the intereor light on.....'what are you doing Mary, said into my face?'

'He can't wach if he can't see, now can he, I replied?'

As we kissed I reached behind my motherinlaw and undid her bra strap, her bra came away with ease, I let it drop onto the floor.

After a moment of kissing I pushed Mary, away from me, she reluctantly went with my hand. I could see that she was dying to put her hands over her exposed tits, it is a natural reaction the first time. I turned slightly and wound down the window so the onlooker could see.

@What are you doing...mary, said?'

'Letting him see better, I told her.'

I pushed my motherinlaw so that her back was against the seat, this was so I could get down on the floor between her open legs and and to give the guy a better look at my motherinlaws tits, (as the seat was pushed forward it was easier.) I got down between her legs and took hold of both breasts, as I was about to take one into my mouth I noticed that the man was now on Mary's side of the car, so I rolled down that window about half way, the man's face was only inches away from Mary,his eyes were glued to her tits, my motherinlaw had her eyes closed waiting for what was to come and I knew that there was much more to come and that this would be a night she never dreamed of.....