Written by Steve

17 Jul 2006

Having read some of the articles and stories thought I would share an experience of mine in my late teens in the halcyon days of the late seventies.

We lived down the lane from a mature couple Mr Everatt was a retired headmaster and was a lovely old guy, his wife was some ten years his junior and a statuesque tall woman who was pleasant enough if she spoke but always seemed a little above herself in her manner, whereas her husband called me by name she always called me young man which at 17 to her 50 something years I suppose I was.

I was just turned 17 and in a small village like ours still a 3 wanks a night virgin. I was walking down the lane one beautiful July morning when a voice called over the hedge of the Everrats, excuse me young man could you help me with this?

I opened the gate and walked in to find Mrs Everatt struggling to turn on the outside tap. I struggled with it but eventually got it working by which time I was sweaty and hot. Mrs Everatt looked me up and down and in her brusque manner said young man you are sweaty and dirty come inside I will fix you a cold drink. I followed her meekly inside noticing how the Laura Ashley summer dress she had on swayed on her hips and her long legs which even in the heat sported her trade mark seamed stockings, very light tan in colour and a fascination for a youth of myself who had yet to see a real women in stockings, those were the days of tights and the only women you saw in stockings were in magazines.

She told me to sit in the lounge and busied herself in the kitchen squeezing oranges and adding ice then brought the drinks through in tall glasses, well I hope you don’t mind young man she smiled but I take mine with vodka and I guess you’re a little too young to be drinking so yours is plain boring orange,

I told her any drink was fine on a hot day like today she sat back taking a long drink and crossing her legs.

As she did so I caught a fleeting glimpse of white panties bare thigh and stocking top and my shorts were suddenly full of a rather embarrassing erection. If Mrs Everatt noticed she did not say and chatted about this and that quite normally, then all of a sudden her voice and demeanour changed and looking me straight in the eye she said “Do you know its wrong to look up ladies skirts young man?”, so she had noticed me seeing her quick flash and the effect on me.

“Did you like my new panties young man?” she asked. I half stammered that I had not really seen that much and was not looking on purpose. She smiled and said on your knees crawl over here and I will show you them. Then I did as I was told and soon found myself on all fours with her nylon clad legs inches from my chin. Mrs Everatt lifted herself slightly and pulled her dress up and then opened her legs displaying a fantastic crutch clad in white satin which clung to the slit of her pussy. “Well do you like my panties then she asked” very much so, I mumbled. Well in that case young man perhaps you will be so kind as to kiss them for me. Obediently I lean forward and kissed her pussy through her panties. She grasped the back of my neck pushing my face deep into her crotch. “Show me how much you like them, lick them” she ordered.

I did as I was told licking the soft fine gauze of her underwear and tasting her wetness sleeping through it suddenly I was aware that I was gushing and throbbing into my pants but Mrs Everatt was not letting go she pushed my face more firmly into her warm wet dampness and said “my you are a naughty dirty boy” with a kind of relish as the words left her lips then she bucked her thighs trembled and she let out a long low moan.

“Stand up” she commanded, and seeing the wetness on the front of my shorts announced that I was a dirty young man who needed cleaning. With that she deftly undid my shorts and proceeded to lick my sticky balls and cock free of my cum and finally clamped her perfectly lipsticked lips over my rampant cock finishing me off again in three long slow sucks and swallowed every drop.

I was then advised to leave as her husband was due home but as I went out the door she smiled at me and said “Oh by the way young man I have some other things I need seeing to, be here at 10am sharp”

Needless to say I lost my virginity to this lady but that’s a story I will post next time.