Written by Old Perv

11 Feb 2004

Jackie considered long and hard Dr Mellors offer

of hypnotherapy regarding her smoking addiction,

and within a fortnight Dr Mellor was delighted

to recieve a call requesting the one off session,

especially as the call had come from the delightfully

big titted Mrs Kendall the pretty 30 year old who

he had recently had the pleasure of providing a

check up to.It would be tommorow at 16.30 prompt

after he had seen his last patient.

Jackie did not know quite what to expect of the

session as she thought about it after leaving the

shower and dring her hair.

Jackie had chosen to wear pink panties and bra

with tan pantyhose that day (not that anyone would

see it she thought) and a black skirt and pink

jacket with blouse.

On time as always the affable Dr Mellor greeted

Jackie with a big smile.

Jackie fully clothed except her shoes was asked

to lay upon thr bed as Dr Mellor dimmed the lights

Soon Jackie relaxed as Dr Mellor rubbed her temples

and spoke softly his hypnotic incantations.Dr

Mellor was no fraudster and he did indeed cause

Jackie to reject cigarettes in her mind as his

therapy continued for half an hour,'half an hour'?

'but the session is for an hour what on earth goes

on in the other half'?

What indeed dear reader.

'You are cured of smoking Jackie but now we have

other matters to discuss and you must obey my

instructions to the letter today and then forget

them forever Jackie do you understand?'Dr Mellor

spoke authoritavely.

'Yes i understand' answered Jackie

'Good now you will stand and undress as i sit in

my chair young lady and enjoy'

Jackie didn't understand why but she obeyed and

she noticed that Dr Mellor was unzipping his

trousers to reveal his big hairy penis.

Dr Mellors pulse raced and hands shook again as

he saw the blouse and skirt took off and folded

neatly and placed on the bed, soon he would be

playing with those large mammories to his hearts


Jackie meekly obeyed as she was instructed to kneel

on the floor, remove her bra and to hold them up

for Dr Mellor.

Dr Mellor stood and exitedly fondled the milk white

heavy breasts before encasing his big organ between


'Pure bliss' he thought 'this lovely young mum

would not dream of doing this normally maybe not

even with her husband'.

Jackie was transfixed by the mighty pole between

her breasts and the good Doctor was moved to ask

if she had seen one as large before.Jackie answered

no she had not.

'Today you will stroke it and suck it for me and

then i am going to do something that you have not

ever considered i suspect'

'Yes i will' answered Jackie

'Good girl because today i am going to enter your

bottom with my penis it will be a little uncomfortable

at first but you will bend over and allow me to

access your lovely rear end.

Jackie felt a shiver of dread and exitement and

she could not refuse what a dilemma.

Soon Dr Mellor was groaning as Jackie sucked on

his cock.

Dr Mellor had Jackie stand and then bend before him as he sat

in his chair, the view of the pantyhosed/knickered

rump bending delighted him greatly as he wanked his

oversized cock.

'Now Jackie i have told you about what we need

to do with your bottom and you will obey do you


Soon Jackie is removing pantyhose and panties

and re assuming her position before Dr Mellor

as he instructs her to part her buttocke as he

lubricates her arsehole thouroughly.

Dr Mellor is almost mad with lust as he instructs

Jackie to touch her toes.

He stands behind her and eases his cock into

her resisting anus.

'OOhhh please Dr Mellor by poor bottom oh!

Dr Mellor is soon buried deep in the pretty housewives

rectum as he savours it's tightness around his big


Soon Jackies arsehole is well spunked as well as well


Afterwards and cleaned up Dr Mellor instructs

Jackie to forget all and that the ache she feels

in her bottom will go shortly.

Two weeks later a delighted Jackie visited Dr Mellor

to congratulate him on his success.

'Not at all my dear you did all the work yourself.

Old Perv.