Written by Old Perv

22 Feb 2004

Mrs Smith or 'Jackie' as she is known to her friends is a perfect neighbour and a fine looking woman to boot. With her smart appearance and pretty features the 35 year old certainly turned male heads. The dark haired lovely being the good girl guide that she is by nature would often pop by to check on her elderly neighbour Mr Sams a widower in his late sixties. Mr Sams looked forward to the twice weekly visits with great enthusiasm,Mr Sams you see was rather fond of the buxom brown haired Mrs Smith, in fact Mr Sams had alittle fantasy about her-he wanted to spank her plump bottom!

Mr Sams certainly did not view his public spirited neighbour as a nosy busy body and although Jackie is an assertivelady full of self confidence Mr Sams was sure that he couldeventually persuade her to present her bottom for a whacking. Mr Sams spoke a lot about the young people nowadays and discipline at school and home and Jackie would agree with him. But it was when Mr Sams spoke of spoke of the need for 'domestic discipline' and 'a man wearing the trousers' at home that Jackie was caught.

You see Jackie agreed with Mr Sams being as she had quite an old fashioned outlook on life and when Mr Sams asked if her husband ever corrected her for naughtiness Jackie had to reply in the negative.'Oh dear me Mrs Smith but a wife should feel her husbands hand or his cane on her backside from time to time'. Jackie blushed and blushed even redder as the crafty old pervert offered his services.

To this day Jackie doesn't know why she agreed to go accross her neighbours lap but he was so glad she did as he surveyed the big bottom that filled out her light brown trousers. Jackie knew then that Mr Sams was just an old lecher who wanted to grope and spank her arse and grope he did as he fondled the soon to be spanked buttocks whilst admiring the outline of her skimpy knickers (yellow he was to discover)

Mr Sams spoke masterfully and the obedient and dutiful nature of the young housewife was exploited to the maximum

during her introduction to the world of spanking.Jackies rump wobbed delightfully as Mr Sams slowly cracked his palm down onto it a dozen times.As he did he felt his cock stiffen. That was the first time but Mrs Smith came back for more and i mean more! However Mrs Smith did get to feel the cane that first time. Her belly did somersaults as the elderly perv had her stand arms at sides and ramrod straight as he fondled her rear and prescribed a dose of the cane on her bottom trousers down! Mr Sams ordered trousers down and toes to be touchesd in his best authoritative tone and he marvelled at the skimpy little yellow panties as they where stretched almost to breaking point by the big milky white nates of Jackies bottom. Jackie had watched with dread as the whippy cane had been taken from the bookshelf by the grinning Mr Sams but now she was to feel the dreadful sting as no less than 6 times the wicked old goat brought it swishing down on her outraged bumcheeks.'Delightful' he thought as he looked down at the striped arse of his neighbour.

Mrs Smith still visits the old goat and they get on like a house on fire.She sometimes tells him 'i don't know why i put up with it' but i think i know why she does but more importantly so does Mr Sams. Old Perv