Written by peter and clare

19 Nov 2003

you may recall my tales of mrs snob or clare if you like.well in my previous tales i tiod you how i am self employed gardener and had carried out work at clares house.

on monday this week 17-11-03 i got a phone call from her husband alan asking if i could come around as they want all the garden fences replacing with new rustic type ones,i told him i could go around today 19-11-03 and have a look .he replied i wont be there but clare will show you whats wanted and i thought yes i bet she will.

clare is very 63/64 and very slim with small tits but she is cock mad.

i went there today at 9am and she opened the door andlet me in,as soon as we wereinside she sterted to kiss me and led me into the kitchen,she had a white blouse with a blue lace bra underneath and a dark fairly long skirt whichshe proceeded to lift to show me her blue matching panties.she asked me if i had any breakfast and i said not yet,with that she sat on the large kitchen table and pulled the skirt up around her waist and pointing at her panties told me to eat her cunt,i got down and pulled her pantie to one side and she has shaved her cunt and i must be honest it turned me on,there she was rubbing her clit and holding my head to her while i was sucking away at her.i think she must have been at her clit allready as it didnt take to long for her first cum.i carried on licking and clare was in heaven then she arched her back and pushed her cunt forward and i felt her start to let a drop of wee out,she had done this before and i enjoyed it so i wasnt to bothered but i said it will make a mess at which she replied so fucking what .with that she started weeing and it was all running down my face and clare was having the most intense orgasm you can imagine,

by now i was as hard as a rock and needed to cum so i got up and dropped my trousers and pants and there was my cock standing up ready for some attention.i moved to clare and rubbed the helmet on her cunt and slipped it in.with her on the edge of the table it was easy to get a good fucking motion going and i was really driving it in her when i felt her hand on my bum and the next thing i new she was putting a finger in my hole well that did it for me and i shot a load right up her and there must have been at least three good squirts of cum,bloody good job she cant get oregnant as i am sure that lot would have made a baby.

clare then asked me to lick her again and as i did her wetness and my cum was running out of her and she had lay back on the table and her arse hole was now fully exposed to me so i put a finger in it and she loved it ,as soon as i was hard again i put my cock in her bum and once again cum a good load,after that we cleaned up and she showed me what work they want.i reckon there is at least 4 weeks work there so i will let you no what happensas she is one randy bitch.

i can assure you this is true and not made up at all.