Written by bubba444

23 Apr 2006

hi again just had to tell you what happened the other night with my mum in law nancy. for the last week now i've been trying to approach the subject of her letting me watch her undress and playing with her self and her watching me wank off. but each time she avoids the question. but the other night she said to me that we should not be discussing it as its very wrong what we are doing and she cant handle the guilt when she thinks about it but when she is turned on her body gets the better of her, and that was that. about an hour later she said in a very seductive way that she was off to get undressed and off she went. this had me confused so five minutes after she left i followed up,and just as i got to my usual place to look through the bannister rails she walked out of her room fully dressed and said i know you have come to watch but the guilt is so strong its bothering me and back she went to her room. but only slightly closing the door, so i stayed where i was and as confused as ever. but as i was watching she started to undress down to her girdle stockings and bra. she was standing sideways on to me brushing her hair. then she started to remove her bra and her gigantic breasts just fell to her girdle waistband, wow this sight is just pure heaven to me. she then started to pull and push at her huge breasts making them look even larger and also pulling very hard on her big nipples. i was now wanking my cock now and nancy was moaning quite loud. she now sat on the edge of the bed slightly looked over towards the darkened landing and started to fuck herself with her hairbrush the other hand pulling at her huge swollen breasts. i was now having to keep myself from spunking off as i was so turned on at the sight i could hardly believe, a 66 year old lady half naked playing with herself in front of me never mind it been my mum in law.as she was looking like nearing an orgasm i just decided to go for it and walked in not saying a word, when nancy looked up and saw me she moaned even louder and carried on masturbating with the brush. so i sat next to nancy on the bed removed my gown and began really slowly wanking my cock off. i'm normally a good genuine eight and a half inches long and six and a half inches around with a really big fat helmet. but this night i felt two inches bigger all round it was bursting in my hand it felt huge i have never ever been this turned on before or ever been in a situation like it. i was having to just pull my forskin back so gently in case of cumming there and then and the glorious moment ending, and having to keep stopping and just watch nancy play. but as i watched her play i could see that all the time her eyes were just staring at my heavily dribbling cock.as nancy was nearing another orgasm i just couldnt help myself and lunged at her humungus tits and saying i'm so sorry nancy at the same time, but she just carried on moaning and made no attempt to remove my hand. i couldnt believe there sheer size let alone the weight of them they were sagging right down and sitting on her thighs but i thought they were beautiful as i squeezed them and rolled her nipples. i was again wanking off with my other hand and nancy was watching all the time now whilst masturbating, as i started to moan louder she took my hand off her breasts and started to pull me up, i thought no she is feeling guilty again and getting me to leave but i was wrong she guided me in front of her and carried on masturbating and pulling at her tits. so i started to wank off whilst standing there right in front of her she was in eye line of my cock now only about a foot and a half away from her she was staring straight at it and was moaning real loud now i knew she was cumming and i could hold back no longer and wanted to cum just as she did and off she went nearly pulling her nipples right off. so here i started i was spunking off everywhere it was hitting her face her hair her chin and nose and lips it just kept squirting out more and more christ i couldnt believe i was standing here watching nancy masturbate and then spunking off onto her face, it was now dripping down on her huge breasts and she was rubbing it all over them she grabbed my hand and got me to rub my own spunk into her tits she was passed it now and was nearly shouting out. i noticed as i was playing with her tits that as she was moaning loudly she was licking my spunk from around her lips i knew she was in heaven too. as she was still masturbating strongly she gave me the biggest shock of all by crying out please cum ,cum cum cum i want your spunk i want your spunk she was licking her lips again whilst shouting out. i couldnt begin to think that this was a 66 year old mum in law of mine i didnt think they could get this turned on let alone a fat lady of this age with horrible big saggy breasts and big rolls of fat contained in an old type girdle be doing so much for me and giving me my best ever shot off in my life. as she was really moaning loudly now i could see her legs really apart now and i could see the brush going in and out of nancys vagina it was soaking she had me even more turned on now than before,i felt like i was in a dirty movie. she was again shouting i want you to cum i want to see you cum oh my darling i want your spunk on me all over me shoot it at me and thats all i needed no one had ever talked to me like that in my whole life and i was loving it, i could feel myself cumming real strong now i was shaking all over my body as i looked at nancy she was shaking into a big orgasm herself, her eyes were wide open staring at my massive hard cock i decided to go for it and stepped forward as she was cumming and got my cock just about resting on her lips as i wanked off even faster the tip was brushing her lips she opened her mouth wide now, and i started to shoot as she was again screaming come on give nancy your hot thick creamy spunk it was spunking off real heavily into her mouth loads was missing and going everyehere as i just couldnt keep still i was pushing the tip onto her lips whilst still spunking loads it was just running out and down her chin, once i'd stopped she looked up at me opened her mouth and let all my creamy cum run out of her mouth it was the most turned on thing i have ever seen in all my life even over young girls in dirty movies that i've watched. i think i'm an older fat lady junky now. just as i was going to say something to nancy dont know what mind she jumped up shrieked i'm so sorry really sorry this is wrong, wrong wrong wrong and pushed me out the room and shut the door. crap i think this may be the end as she has hardly spoke to me today at all. i shal let you know what happens.