Written by N

19 Feb 2004

my mums friend L is very good looking and always showing her tits. One day I had just finished work, I do shift work, so it was Friday so decided to have a couple of cans just relaxing when there was a knock on the door it was L she asked if any one was in I said no so she came in and I asked her if she wanted a drink she said yes then she sat down opposite me she was wearing a very revealing top and short demin skirt we talked for a while she kept opening and closing her legs as we talked her skirt had risen to reveal a red lacy thong she just smiled knowing what she was doing all I could do was stir at her beautiful cunt I was going quit red so I stood up and asked her if she would like anther drink in which I hadn’t noticed my semi bulging through my pants she laughed and said you are a horny young man aren’t you and grabbed me towards her she then dragged me upstairs to my bedroom and started to undress me I was shaking which I have never done before so I just lay down and let her take control she started sucking my big cock she deep throated me I could feel my balls tighten then she said I want all your spunk in my mouth then I came in an shuddering orgasm then she told me to lick her pussy which I loved the taste off never tasted one like that before very strong tasting she was thrusting her hips into me for about 7 minutes then she went on all fours and said fuck me fuck me fucking screw me so pounded into her grabbing her big tit hard and pinching her really big nips she was very noisy lover never had any body that loud before she was amazeing ohohoh n fuck me mmmmmmmmmmmmmohohohohyer the neighbours must of heard us then she wanted me up her arse I've never tried it before but gave it a go she loved it shouting its in oh you in my ass youre in my arse fuck me then i was ready to explode in her ooooooohohohoohoh yes i shot my warm spunk in her arse it was dripping out off her arse it could not handle all that spunk then she said it must be aour little secret and I must not tell anyone then she kissed me and left