Written by sallyanne

11 Sep 2003

A year ago I started to see a guy I met in a local pub, we got chatting and he bought me a few drinks, before I new it we were outside up an alley way shagging, it was quick but exciting, he took my phone number and we both went our seperate ways.

The next day he rang me and asked me to meet him so I did we met in the same pub and chatted and drank alot, he told me all about him self, he was a local man and had no kids and was divorced. We once again shagged but this time in his car , it carried on for weeks like this until I started to feel something for him, the sex was very good and exciting.

Five weeks later since we met he asked me to his house which was in the countryside, while arriving there I looked around and it was very cosy with a coal fire. He immediately took my hand and led me to his bedroom which was full of lit candles. He undressed me and fondled my tits and kissed my body all over. I was very aroused and my fanny was wet he lay me on the bed and kissed me and rubbed me between my legs, at this point he whispered in my ear "im married" this was a totel surprise I got up of the bed and started to get dressed he couldnt understand what was wrong I put my nickers back on and went to bathroom, while in there I noticed ladies toiletries and thought ive got to get out of here.

As I came out of the bathroom he was stood in the doorway totally naked, his cock was errect and about six inches long he told me that his wife was aware he had been seeing me and she didnt mind at all. We talked on the bed and he told me his wife was easy and was bisexual she loved the thought of her husband shagging other women as long as he brought them home for her.

I was confused because i had never heard of anything like this before, we started kissing again and his hand went into my nickers he started playing and fingering me I couldnt stop him at this point and then he stood up and asked me if I would let his wife join in, I didnt no what to say. He then left the room and came back upstairs with a women, she was georgous she had wavy blonde hair about 9 stone very firm tits about 36c and tanned she had her belly button pierced, she came over and put her arms around me she then said you like my husband, we can share him. She was really pretty with lovley brown eyes she started to gently kiss me and touching my tits, I put my hand on her tits and before I new we were in bed with her husband sat in a chair at the side of the bed watching and wanking his cock. She licked my body all over finishing with my fanny she was gentle and her tongue went all over my clit. I then returned the favour my first time licking a women but it was nice I fingered her and we kissed I sucked her lovley big tits and she was telling me to make love to her, I sat on her and our fannys rubbed together we were squeezing each others tits and snogging we both come together, I then got of her and her husband got on top of her and put his cock inside her and they started shagging she was screaming and he was going mad on her pushing in hard and fast until they both let out a scream, I then got dressed and left with a smile on my face.

He rang me two days later and said his wife had enjoyed having me in her bed and wanted it again, I went back a week later but with a friend of mine and watched then shag.