Written by James_K

16 Mar 2005

I’ve always had a thing about black women, I suppose it dates from when I was a teenager living on the outskirts of London. Behind my house was a large playing field where kids from inner city areas were taken to play football, netball etc. There were quite a few black girls amongst the kids who used to use the playing fields and I used to exchange a bit of banter with them over the fence, but I digress.

A few years ago whilst my first marriage was in its death throes, I was working for a CD factory. One of the female operatives was a lovely Nigerian lady named Faith. Faith was in her late twenties, she was sweet natured and chatty, but best of all she a good pair of breasts and a pretty face.

We used to chat a bit, but I never thought of asking her out; as I thought that she was engaged. One day she asked me if the music was any good on the CDs that were being made on her press. The CDs that Faith was making just had a company name on them and no track or artist details. I explained that the CDs just contained advertising and no music. Faith looked disappointed and asked ”Where can I listen to some good music?” I rather cheekily said “My place!” Faith beamed at me and chuckled. Looking me directly in the eyes she said ”But you are married – you can come to my place!” I was rather taken aback, but I readily agreed. We arranged an evening for me to call on her. I was going to an evening class at the time and used to go for a drink with my classmates afterwards. From now on I decided to give the drink a miss and visit Faith!

A couple of days before my visit Faith popped into my office and said, “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course” I said, “When you fuck me will you use a condom?” she said. A rather direct question, but at least it was clear that I wasn’t going to her flat for tea and bikkies!!

After the evening class I dashed to a sex shop and bought a box of good quality condoms, hailed a taxi which promptly got stuck in traffic and arrived at Faith’s flat a bit late. She greeted me in a short housecoat that barely covered her knickers “I thought you weren’t coming!” she gently scolded. I apologised and explained about the traffic jam.

Faith led me into the bedroom and sat on the bed next to me. Her large breasts were pushing into my upper arm, and the housecoat was riding up exposing her bare smooth legs. I stroked her leg and cuddled her around the waist and we kissed for the first time. Faith was a good kisser; full of passion and our tongues danced around each other’s mouths in a frantic motion. Faith lay down and her housecoat fell open showing her bra from which her tits were trying to escape and a rather large pair of panties. Faith noticed me looking at her panties and said that unfortunately she had just come on and her period was a bit heavy, she did promise however to take care of me! I removed Faith’s bra and was confronted by the most enormous pair of boobs I’ve ever seen! They were the diameter of dinner plates! Her nipples were large as well and I soon began licking them until they stood out proudly. After a few minutes Faith said, “I want to see your prick” I nodded down to my jeans where my cock was sticking up like a tent pole and indicated that she should take it out herself. I lifted my bum off the bed as she slid my jeans and pants down. “Ooh!” she said “It’s nice and big!” I laid back as she stroked me and caressed my balls. Kneeling in front of me she took the tip of my cock in her mouth and delicately slid her full lips up and down the shaft. It was blissful – no one had ever sucked me off so well before! After a while Faith manoeuvred her massive tits over me and gave me a tit wank to remember! I spurted a huge load of come over her tits, neck and face. The globules of white spunk showed up against her skin and I wished that I’d taken a camera with me! Faith giggled about the amount of come and said she’d never seen so much before! I explained that I hadn’t had sex with my wife (or anyone for that matter) for ages and that I’d been saving it up!

The next week, one of Faith’s friends answered the door and explained that Faith was taking a bath. A few minutes later Faith came in the room in a bathrobe, Faith’s friend then said she must go which was pity as for a second I thought that a threesome was in the offing!

Faith stood in front of me and tugged at the cord of her bathrobe, which fell open exposing her in her full nakedness. We embraced and I eased the robe from her shoulders. I picked Faith up and laid her gently down on the bed. As I was undressing, Faith whispered “I want you to lick me”. Faith’s body was fragrant from the bath and I licked her smooth hairless body from head to toe before fixing my attention on her pussy. Her pussy was completely shaven and looked so inviting. I licked the each sided of her slit tenderly teasing her for ages before I ran my tongue the whole length of her slit. My tongue sought out her little sweet bud and I licked and licked as Faith moaned softly with delight. My tongue alternated from signing my name on her clitty to darting in and out of her sweet little honey-pot. Faith was moaning louder, arching her back, her hand reached round to the back of my head increasing the pressure that I applied to her clit. Suddenly Faith let out a huge groan and her thighs gripped my head tightly as waves of pleasure shook her body. She relaxed her thighs as her orgasm subsided, I came up for air and we kissed, Faith’s sweet juices mixing with our saliva. I put a condom on and penetrated Faith’s pussy for the first time, her cunt was surprisingly tight, but it was deliciously wet. Faith’s cunt was oozing juice as I fucked her. My balls were slapping against her and they too were getting wet! I suddenly groaned and swore loudly as I came. I’d wanted to fuck her for longer, but had come after a few minutes. I think that it was the tightness of Faith’s pussy and the excitement of fucking her the first time that caused it. I removed the condom and Faith wiped my prick clean with a small towel, she then gently held me and told me not to worry and that she wasn’t going to let me go home to my wife until we had fucked again!

It was the start of a wonderful no commitments sexual relationship that lasted around three years.