Written by mrsdoublehh

20 Mar 2006

This is a carry on from my last story I hope you enjoy. Once we had finished in the pub and I had had my face fucked by our mate and my hubby had me doggy style we got dressed and locked up. when we got outside Al suggested that we go back to his place for a drink and saying that his wife would still be awake and probably very horny. My mind was working over time at the thoughtof getting it onwith my best friend. As we walked thru the door my friend was there snogged her man and asked what have you been upto then, to our surprise he told her that he had just been fucking my face while my man fucked me doggie style. I was scared thinking what is she gonni do but she just said he's good is'nt he, so since you've had mine can I try yours. Meanwhile My hubby is standing there with ahuge hard on and a big grin on his face, I could'nt refuse especially knowing I was gonni have all this time in My sopping wet pussy. They both went upstairs and Al and I sorted drinks for everyone before long we were snogging and I could feel his hands all over my body tweaking my very large nipples which were standing to attention at this point, I could feel Als cock it was huge and very hard and I could'nt wait to get it inside me. So I said "fuck me hard if you think you can" and gave a sexy little giggle, He at this point was talking really dirty telling me what a dirty fucking slut I was which drove me crazy he then ripped my skirt of and I could feel my pussy juice dripping douwn my legs we were still in the kitchen so he pushed me over to the sink which was at the window he rolled the blinds up and put the light on so if anyone was out there they would see. He then released my tits from my bra and 36hh of tit flesh fell out nipples like door knobs. He then lifted me up and streched my legs so wide I was now doing the splits on the work top then he got a chair and stood on it so he could enter me from behind. I was allready coming hard all the time he is saying do you like this you fuckin whore do you and pulling my hair god I was so turned on and I could hear my hubby giving my mate a good seeing too upstairs and she was loveing it. Meanwhile outside our local fireman had been out walking the dog but had stopped when he saw what was going on, when al opened the window I was startled but too far gone and far too horny to care. Next thing I new our fireman friend had slipped his hand in the window so he could finger fuck my pussy and with als cock banging me hard it felt great, meanwhile my friend and hubby had came down the stairs both starkers and now were sucking on my big tits, then the fireman got his huge cock out and i so wanted it as did my friend so she said why dont you join us service us while our hubbys get there energy back, so he did and my hubby loved that just at thet point all shot his load in my pussy fuckin great. My mate then licked it out my pussy and then we kissed and swapped it between our mouths lovely. We then grabbed our drinks and went to the living room so we could put on a nice show for our men and get a good hard fuckin from our local fireman the very thought of ti had me juicing up . next thing our friend the fireman cam round and to our delight he had his uniform on and only his uniform he straight away grabbed my head kissed me hard and rough and pushed me down to his huge dick saying get it out bitch looking at my hubby for approval he smiled at me while playing with his huige dick, so I did as I was told, He fucked my head roughly then told my hubby to fuck me up the arse and then al to fuck my pussy I was in heaven all three men very welll endowd and all fucking me My pussy is so wet and that is just from the memories. My mate was standing to the side of me pulling on my nipples while I started to finger her first with 2 then 4 then my whole fist she loves that we kept going My mate got her turn as did I getting fisted by her. A great nite had by all. My friend and I get together when we can now for a girly fist fuck and then go home anf fuck our hubbys brains out. I love nothing more than all My hole being filled by big cocks I hope it happens again.