Written by addicted to her sex

7 May 2006

I've known my best friend for years and we get along great.We're always out together on the town looking for women to pull but i've always secretly lusted for his sister! He's fierce protective of her even tho she's three years older and 28 years old so i'd never dream of saying anything to him.One night however things changed.i lost track of him in a club he could have pulled a girl i don't know but i didn't that night or so i thought..i decided to drop into his house on the way home see if the was any scandels for the night or even a house party.When i knocked however it was only his sister there and she obviously as drunk as i was and crying.she invited me in and i quickly tried to console her.Apartently some fool had insulted her in a club and humiliated her in front of a load of people.anyways i eventually cheered her up and gave her a comforting hug.as i felt her sexy body pressed up against mine i could feel the lust building inside of me.i wanted so much to move my hands down onto her sweet sexy ass but i thought maybe i shouldn't. just as she was moving out of the hug she stopped and was just an inch in front of my face staring into my eyes.GOD i though maybe she felt the hard on i had and was going to freak out but leaned into me instead and kissed me.as i felt her hot tongue enter my mouth i pulled away and said was she sure.She said she secretly always fancied me and that she was mine tonight! One thing led to another and we ended up naked in her bed.Her body was unbelievable.we were kising passionately now and my cock was rock hard.I thought what if my friend came back and saw me whit his sister but i wasn't going to miss this babe for anything.I eventually kissed and caressed my way to her pussy which was now soaking wet.She begged me to lick her and i did.i slowly licked all round her mound savouring her sweet taste.she was very turned on and very juicy.as i probed her pussy i eventually made my way to her clit which i sucked and licked.she was moaning loadly now.i licked her clit now for all i was worth.she was now clenching her teeth and gripping the bed hard. she was trying to look down at me but she couldn't as she was trashing her head back in pleasure,finally her body vibrated and she screamed out and came in my mouth.nothing ever tasted so sweet.i then climbed on her and slid my trobbing cock into her,we fucked,pssionately kissing deeply looking into each others eyes i eventually erupted into her and shot wads of cum deep inside her.i slept in her bed that night and we repeated the act again in the morning.I went home then and later on my friend and returned home and rang me.He had been shagging a girl in her apartment all night and asked me did i get any action which i said no knowing quite well i had being fucking his sister senseless all night!!