Written by sexycouple

10 Sep 2004

i had an amazing experience a few years back.my best friend used to come for dinner at our house regularly and i knew my wife had the hots for him and they both get on really well.she is a real looker,and he is a very good looking guy too.they used to always flirt and i was aware they had an occasional snog or two.we was going away on hols in the morning and it was a really cold night.after dinner we settled on the sofa for a few beers and after a while i fell asleep.my wife was in the middle of us both on the sofa.i must have been asleep for about an hour and was woken by their giggling.i then pretended to go back to sleep,and after about 10 more minutes i felt my wife lean over to him and they kissed very slowly,while laughing and flirting.after about half an hour of kissing,my cock was getting really hard and i was hoping they may take it further.i was beginning to get disappointed when things went quite.a couple of minutes later she put her right leg over me,being careful not to wake me.i looked under the duvet which was keeping us warm and was so surprised to see he had his hand on her pussy,stroking her clit slowly and gently.she had one leg over me and one over her soon to be lover.he was really teasing her clitoris skillfully and she was telling him "how nice it was and how horny she was,she even begged him to let her cum" after about 20minutes playing with her she came and he said he wanted to make love to her.she said no,at which point i got disappointed and thought that was it.she then opened his zip and out popped his massive circumsized cock.she massaged it slowly for him for what seemed like ages.i couldnt believe how good she was doing it,and after 10minutes or so he shot his load all over our duvet.they cuddled up together,fell asleep and i left them and went to bed.i slept for about 2 hours and when i woke i could hear them talking and laughing.i sneaked downstairs and waited outside the door.they were obviously up to no good!!! or so i hoped.i went outside and peeped through the window,and got the shock of my life.she was sucking his cock,kissing it,and stroking it for ages and then they made love.i came back inside so i could hear them and they stayed in front of the fire the whole night,kissing,stroking,sucking doing everything imaginable.i went to bed after a few hours watching and listening to them both.my wife woke me and asked why i didnt wake her to come to bed,and i just said i didnt want to disturb her sleep.she said "thanks ive had a lovely sleep,i cant believe i slept through his snoring" i knew different of course,and this was just the start of their (secret affair) which lasted for some time until recently.i recently told her i knew and got really turned on by their secret lovemaking.she said she was really sorry,she loved me and begged my forgiveness.ive told her she can have a new lover if one takes her fancy,i know the attention she gets from the men at work and know she loves it,so i may be inviting a special friend for her to have for dinner soon!!!