Written by Swingersacrossthepond

14 Nov 2017

I just visited Japan recently with my wife and her twin sister. They are originally from the Philippines.

They have a younger sister (Reyna)who married a Japanese man (Hakaru). We were visiting because his wife Reyna had given birth about a month before. I almost didn't go because I thought I would be bored and we would be over there during my bithday. I was a little disapointed because on my birthday I was used to celebrating with our other swinging friends. Japan doesn't have a reputation for sexual fun like Thailand or the Philippines but I was to find out if you have someone to guide you it can be really fun. On my birthday we went out to dinner and had a nice time but it wasn't the excitement of previous birthdays. My wife did hint that I would get my present the next day.

The next morning my wife woke me up and said Hikaru was taking me to an Onsen. This is a Japanese hot spring.

I heard of these and a heard some had mixed nude bathing but I also heard it wasn't a place for open sex.

My wife had packed a small overnight bag for me with a change of clothes and my shaving kit. Apparently we were staying overnight somewhere. My wife and her sister stayed with Reyna and the baby at the house.

I wondered how much cash money I should take and my wife said she gave Hikaru enough to pay for everything for my present. When me and Hikaru were leaving my wife told me to have fun. I asked her "how much fun?" She said "As much as you want"

Me and Hikaru took a taxi to the train station and boarded a high speed bullet train. When we got off the train we went in the terminal and Hikaru spotted 4 young attractive women in their mid 20's and one of them was holding a stick with a blue cardboard heart. Apparently he had prearranged to meet them. We piled into two taxis and went to the Hot Springs a few miles away. The girls knew very little english. We arrived and checked in to two hotel rooms near the Hot spring facility. Then we went over to the onsen and checked in. We went to a mens locker room and the girls went to a womens locker room. We showered and changed into swim suits. Then we went out to the mixed bathing area and Hikaru stripped off his swim suit and set it on a bench. He indicated that I should do the same. Then I followed him out holding a small "modesty towel" We got into one of the pools. We seemed to be the first customers of the day.

A few minutes later and the girls came out holding just a small towel in front of them. They also got in the water removing the towel just before getting in. I was able to get a glimpse of all 4 small bushes. This was starting to get interesting. They were acting a little shy and giggling but I was soon to find out they were not shy. Hikaru asked which 2 did I want to start with. I pointed to the closest and they came and sat beside me, one on each side. The other 2 sat next to Hikaru. I sat back with an arm around each and soon they were rubbing my legs. 10 minutes later and they were fondling my cock and balls.

Another 10 minutes and I saw one of the staff headed towards us.

I thought maybe he was going to tell us not to fool around.

He spoke to Hikaru for a moment and then Hikaru said our private room was ready. Private room? Me and Hikaru got back into our swimsuits but the girls just followed us using the towels. We went down a hallway and through a glass door. There was several rooms. They seemed to be VIP rooms. I could hear in one of the tea rooms the sound of a couple having sex.

Half the rooms were tea rooms with the entire floor padded. The other rooms had small hot spring pools with padding around the pools. We went into one of the pool rooms. Hikaru flipped a "do not disturb" switch and removed his suit.

I removed mine and we all entered the water. This time the hands of the 2 girls next to me grabbed my cock right away.

10 minutes later and Hikaru had his two stand up and bend over with their hands on the side of the pool.

He entered one and after about 30 strokes he entered the other. Soon I was copying his actions with the other two.

I realized he was counting 30 strokes for each and I started doing the same. After about 10 minutes I was afraid I would cum and was wondering what to do when I did. Luckily Hikaru wanted to know if I wanted to trade and try the other two.

This gave me a minute to calm down. We switched and Hikaru got into the 30 stroke rhythm again. I did the same with the other two. But I had to slow down to about half speed to keep from coming. A couple more minutes and I was about to pull out and come on one of the girls back. But then I saw Hikaru speed up his thrusting and then just let his sperm jet into the girls pussy.

I thought that this must be the etiquette and I sped up and then gave a few more hard thrusts and let my balls drain also.

The strange thing was the other girl watched me just fill up her friend but she stayed next to her bent over as if still waiting her turn. When I pulled out my dick was not soft ( I have to confess I took half of a blue pill when I was in the bathroom at the hotel). I just moved over to the other girl and inserted my dick. I then manuevered her so that she was bent over her hands on her friends ass and had a view of her friends dripping pussy. I looked back and saw that Hikaru had to take a break.

We ended up leaving after 2 hours in the private room area. I had fucked to an orgasm 3 times and Hikaru had twice. One girl got a load from each of us. We spent about another hour in the public mixed bath area. Then we went to the hotel and then to dinner and then back to the hotel to spend the night with the girls. with 2 in each of our rooms.

The next morning we went back to the hotsprings and had a repeat of the previous day but we only used the private rooms for an hour. I had to pop another pill but between the day and night before and that morning I was in that stage that I could keep fucking because of the pill but my balls were completely drained. Within a 24 hour period I was on my eighth fuck and my balls were aching. Eventually we left and checked out of the hotel and Hikaru paid the girls 30,000 yen each. Me and Hikaru boarded the bullet train and got back to his house at around 2 PM. My wife asked how my birthday present was.

I told her it was one of the best presents ever. I am sure glad I decided to go on that trip.