Written by Mike, Telford

26 Jul 2005

Earlier this year I was sitting with my wife drinking a bottle of wine when we talked about our fantasies. I had had a few drinks and said that I would like to have sex with my wife whilst her best mate was filming it. Her mate is quite big but has absoloutely huge tits. My wofe has a great body, aged 37 years but has very small tits. About a month later, her friend was over and they were both drinking lots of wine in the garden. I had been to the gym and had not been drinking. After I had a shower I was in the bedroom when my wife came in. One thing led to another and we both started kissing and ended up on the bed with no clothes on. I assumed her mate was still downstairs. My wife began to suck my cock when her mate entered the room. My wife carried on sucking my cock. I was shocked but at the same time went rock hard. She lifted up her top exposing her huge tits. I noticed she was carrying my camcorder and she started filming us. I put my wife on all fours and pushed her face down and started fucking her from behind, I was staring at her friend who had her tits out of her bra, was filing us with one hand and her other hand was frantically playing with her pussy, her jeans were undone. I fucked my wife very hard and she had an orgasm just as I shot my load all over her arse. I looked over and noticed her friend discretly slip out of the room. My wife smiled and said " Was that what you wanted " . I said "Yes". We have watched the video many times but it does not show her mate with her lovely big tits hanging out of her bra and playing with her pussy. I hope we can do it again.