Written by Anna

21 Dec 2004

When I discovered my husband was having an affair with a work colleague I hit the roof. However the wind was really taken out of my sails when I discovered that his lover was another man. Adam, my husband, confessed that he has always had a bi side and much as he loved me and having sex with me, he had a need inside him to have sex with other men. When I was a teenager I had indulged in a bit of “girl on girl” and had always considered myself a bit bi, so I forgave him and gave my consent for him to continue to indulge his homosexual side. I did so only so long as he agreed that I could also have sex with other women.

I placed an ad on a couple of websites and got several replies one of which was from a woman called Janet. We exchanged many emails and chatted a few times in a chat room and eventually swapped phone numbers. When I spoke to her she had a gorgeous, sultry voice and was great fun and we chatted for hours. We agreed to meet and I instantly fell for her. She is 31, a year younger than me, tall, blonde with deep blue eyes and a gorgeous body. The first time we met we ended up spending the night together making love for hours and I felt on top of the world the next day. We became regular lovers and met each other several times a week. Janet is divorced and is also bi and lives with her boyfriend Dale. Although they do have a normal relationship most of the time, Dale loves to be dominated by Janet and act as her slave. Dale has a good job with an accountancy firm, but he spends a lot of his spare time being used and abused by Janet while wearing French maid costumes and pvc, bondage gear

Whenever I meet Dale with Janet in public every one acts normally, but when I call round to their house Janet plays the dominatrix and makes him do outrageous things, like ordering him to lick her feet clean or kneel down on the floor so she can use him as a foot rest. There was never any sexual contact between Dale and I but Janet would sometimes make him lick her cunt or arse when I was there.

One evening Janet and I were in bed making love when we heard a noise from the other side of the bedroom door. She quietly got up and snatched the door open and we both nearly cracked up laughing at what we saw. There was Dale completely starkers with a huge erection and an expression of surprise and horror. He had obviously just come from the mess on his hands and cock and a few drops of spunk on the carpet. Janet pretended to be furious with him and ordered him to stand in the corner of the room with his face to the wall. She asked me what we should do to punish him and we agreed that since the idea of two girls making love together turned him on so much that maybe he would enjoy two men making love also.

When I got home I told Adam about what had happened and how we needed another man to fuck Dale. I asked him would he be interested and he said he would do it for a laugh, but only if he found Dale attractive. We arranged to call around to Janet and Dale the following night. As I said Janet and Dale do have a normal relationship most of the time and when in private she had asked him if he wanted to go along with it and he did. In fact he was very excited by the idea.

When we arrived Dale was dressed in a bra, knickers, hold-ups and stilettos. Janet was wearing a pvc skirt, boots and a pvc bra with holes in it for her nipples. She had met Adam many times before, but never in an openly sexual way such as this. She played the madam to the full well ordering Dale around and treating him like dirt, which he of course loved. After a glass of wine Janet asked Adam what he thought of her little slave. He said he thought he was cute and was looking forward to providing his “punishment”.

Janet ordered Dale to take Adams trousers and shorts off and to lick his balls, which he did. As he licked my husband’s sack Adam’s cock got harder until it was fully erect. Janet told Dale that Adam’s cock needed some attention and he began licking along the shaft and head clearly loving he experience. His mouth slipped over the head and he slowly started moving up and down while sucking his cheeks in. I had never seen Adam with another man before and it was making me extremely horny. I moved over to the couch beside Janet and we started playing with each other’s cunts. She was as wet and horny as me. Adam was moaning and obviously enjoying the blow job he was getting. Janet asked him what he thought of her slave and he said magnificent.

It didn’t take too long before Adam said he was going to come. Janet told him to come in Dale’s mouth and that he was to swallow every drop. Adam grunted a couple of times and then grabbed the back of Dale’s head as he pumped his load down his throat. By the look on Dale’s face he loved it and continued to suck Adam long after he had stopped coming.

Janet then ordered Dale to strip and told him to fetch the baby oil from the bathroom. I went over to Adam and started trying to suck some life into his cock, but he was still too sensitive. We had some more wine and after a few minutes I started sucking Adam again and this time he became hard. Janet told Dale to kneel down in front of the sofa with his arse out and she poured some oil over his hole. She gently rubbed it around and slipped a finger inside. Adam moved over and positioned his cock at the entrance to Dale’s bum and gently pressed the head in. Dale winced and gritted his teeth. Slowly Adam slipped a bit more in and after a while Dale became used to it. I knew exactly how he was feeling as Adam had introduced me to anal sex when we first met.

Soon Adam was moving his whole length in and out of Dale’s arse. Dale’s cock was fully erect and Adam was wanking him. It was an incredible sight and I came while rubbing myself. After about 5 minutes Adam grunted and pumped a load inside Dale’s virgin arse. As he did Dale let loose a huge stream of spunk that splashed all over the carpet. God knows when the last time he had come had been, but he seemed to just keep spurting for ages. When the recovered Adam pulled out of Dale and as he did a stream of come ran out and down his legs, the sight of which made me come again. Janet had also come a couple of times watching her boyfriend being fucked.

Janet slipped out of the dominatrix role and asked Dale what he thought he said he loved it and turned round and kissed Adam. They broke into a full snog which almost had me coming again. I couldn’t believe how horny I was finding the male on male action, but I needed some action of my own. I went over to Janet and while we climbed into a 69 position Dale fucked a man for the first time.

Since that night Dale and Adam see each other frequently often with Janet and I around and I still find it incredibly horny. Janet and I have both been fucked by each other’s partners a few times, but generally we leave the boys to themselves.