Written by Janie

5 Oct 2003

Im in my thirtys and have a very good sex life with my boyfriend whos in his thirtys. We love each other very much and always talk about him shagging other women it turns me on to think of it.

He is a big flirt and loves sex and the ladies. Well one eveing Carol an old friend of mine came over for a meal we talked, drank and joked and my lover was flirting with Carol he kept asking about her tits and what sixe bra she wears, i got very annoyed with him and he new it but he said im bored i need some fun shes a very horny lady, i could see with more wine Carol was enjoying him flirting and in the end told him shes a 36c bra, he laughed and told her to show him, she stood up un buttoned her top and took her bra of and stood there tits showing and threw him her bra. I couldnt believe what i was seeing, i sat and drank my wine and said nothing at all. He looked at her bra sixe and threw it back to her, she then asked him if he wanted her to put the bra back on his reply was "no im loving looking at your lovley tits" she sat back down and drank more wine. I got up and went to the toilet it was like i wasnt even there with them.

When i returned Carol was sat next to my lover and his hands were rubbing her tits she had her eyes closed loving every minute of it, i sat back down and drank more wine and watched the two of them, they then started kissing and he was licking all down her neck then moving on to her nipples flicking them with his tongue, she opened her legs and his hand was inside her nickers, she pulled up her skirt so it was round her waist and his hand was moving faster inside her nickers with her legs now even wider, he lifted her up and put her on the table in front of me he pulled down her nickers and his head was soon between her legs giving her oral with his tongue she was liing back on the table loving this attention on her cunt, his fingers almost his hand were up her hole fisting her hard, he then pulled down his jeans and gave it to her in all positions, on her back, doggy style from the side until they both orgasmed together.

I was still sat there watching them she climbed down of the table and put her nickers back on and pulled down her skirt she then looked around for her bra and put that back on. I asked her if she enjoyed that she said "yes sorry"

At the end of the evening i was satisfied my lover had fucked my friend and my fantasy was at last true.