Written by Ian

22 Feb 2006

I am Ian, 28 years old from manchester. Iam married to Karen, 24 years old, milky pale complexion, 5'4, size 14, very curvy with big boobs, wide hips and curvy thighs. She has a very cute face and would be model material if she was smaller framed.

I work for a smallish engineering company pretty local to me and have done now for 3 years. In this time one of my initial co-workers has been promoted twice to manager of my department. He is 47 years of age and we have just never got on.

His most recent promotion has lead me to look for work elsewhere as he is making life difficult for me. He constantly picks problems in my work which are not justified and generally tries to make life awkward for me. Other than just a clash of charicters the main reason we have tension is the fact he made a bit of a derogitory statement about a picture of my wife I have on my desk. Was along the lines that she looks a big miserable cow!! That was a couple of years ago now and considering my obvious offence that i took at the time we have never seen eye to eye since.

Anyway last December the time came for the usual annual christmas party. It was held as always at the local working mans club function room. Due to my unhappyness and looking for work elsewhere I was seriously trying to find an excuss not to go but my wife (who knew all about the problems I was having) insisted we should go. Whilst I have told her all about the difficulties I am having throughout the course of my work there, I obvioulsy had never told her what he had said about her picture. she is quite sensaitive about her body and whilst I love the curvy hourglass shape she feels she should be like the pics in the magazines.

Anyway party night came and the staff and their partners made their way to the venue. Whilst I have trouble with my boss - i get on well with the other guys there and the beer began to flow and it turned into a decent laugh. unfortunatly my mrs did get a little worse for wear on the wine and about 11 oclock decided to raise her frustrations with the my boss!!!!

I overheard raised voices behind me and when I turned i found my wife waving a finger in my bosses face and telling him in no uncertain terms what she thought of him. Whilst he looked shocked and abit taken aback by the grilling he was getting he actually seemed to take it pretty well and laughed the incident off turning and walking away from her. I grabed my mrs arm and stopped her from following, telling her he wasnt worth it and to just leave it. She followed my suggestions and returned to the table and sipped away on her drink again.

The night continued with a late bar till 1am and as the alchol took more effect and some people called it a night we spread out over the room. My wife got chatting with the other guys partners and we proped the bar up putting the world to rights over football. As I stood at the bar I felt a sensation in my pocket and realised it was my mobile which I had put on vibrate as I would never hear it over the loud music. I picked it out and looked at the screen seeing it was my wifes mobile calling. I answered it but could hear nothing with all the background music. As such I quickly made my way to the enterance to the club - looking around the room as i went for my wife, but couldnt see her. I got to the enterance and went outside holding a finger in one ear and listening with the other. "hello, hello" I repeated a couple of times. All i could hear on the other end of the phone was some muffled voices and knocking as the phone seemed to be banged against objects next to it. I thought to myself I bet she has phoned me by accident as she had called me on my way home from work to confirm times etc on the evening and that was probably the last number she had dialled. She never put her keylock on so would often inadvertantly dial a number as the phone got knocked about in her handbag.

I intently listened to make sure she wasnt trying to actually ring me and began to make out muffled sounds. I listened further and suddenly (presume as the phone moved in the handbag) the sound became much clearer. I heard I man saying "take it off" in a fairly sharp voice.

"No, leave it on I told you"..... a female voice said

"i'll rip it, now get it off, I want to see em"...

that was followed by a sigh and huff and a rustling of fabric.

"nice..........fuckin hell yeh, now get ya knickers down quick we aint much time" the male voice grunted again

I stood motionless trying to figure what the f*ck was going on. Who was this, what the hell were they doing!!

"you pull em down if your so interested" - the women says again.

another rustle and elastic snap quickly followed.

Whilst it now seems obvious what I was listening to, at the time I still didnt comprehend nor accept what i was hearing. I knew the voice was my wifes, and I had a good idea who the other mans voice was too!!!! I dropped my hand to my side with the phone in it in disbelief. I leaned against the enterance wall and looked over at the carpark. I paused for a second as i noticed in the corner of the carpark a faint light on in one of the car cabs. It was my bosses car and my stomach suddenly turned upside down. i froze for a second then placed my phone back at my ear.

"move further back for fucks sake" ... I managed to hear the man say. A further rustle was heard followed by..

"is that better" from my wife

"it'll do, open ya legs then!" the man demanded

I instinctivley began to walk forwards at this point, towards the dimly lite car. as I got close the light flicked and indicated movement inside, then dark shapes could be made out in what looked like the back seats. I continued to listen on the phone.

"that ok" my wife asked

"No wider" grunted the man - who was now evidently my boss.

"thats as wide as i can, there's not enough room in here" said my wife.

"theres enough room to do u" my boss said before a further rustling and muffled sound. by now I was within about 10 ft of the car and had walked down the passenger side of it.

I was cautious but had enough composure to realise if they had the light on in the cab and it was pitch dark out here they wouldnt see me. this made me take a few more steps towards the car and I was met with the sight on my mrs calf resting on the back of the rear seats and the other pressed against the centre console between the two front seats. Inbetween her thighs was my boss knelt and looking like he was playing with himself. I still had the phone to my ear....

"come on we got to get back or we will be caught" my wife whispered

"shut up, give me a min I had a bit to drink you know......plus I hate hairy minges"

as i hear that my bosses hand moves fast infront of him and then he leans foward and drops ontop of my wife. His arse sticks out then slowly i see his bum cheeks clench as his hips push forwards.

I froze not knowing if i should walk away, watch, or open the door and drag him out of the car! not knowing what to do i continued to do nothing and just stood there with the phone to my ear peering through the very slightly misted windows.

"ooowwwwww" my wife whimpered

"fuckin hell cant get it in, your fuckin tite ill give you that" my boss blerted as he rocked back onto his knees again and rubbed himself vigorously again and put a hand between my wifes legs (presume fingering her altho i couldnt see)

"dosnt get much cock this - or is it just tiny cock thats the problem? my boss teased.

"just come on get on with it" my wife said urgently as I saw her spread her legs a little further and raise her hips up to him.

he dealved back down ontop of her again and repeated the clenching and thrusting of his hips.

"aarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... FUCKIN HELL" I heard my wife squeel. it was followed by a couple of grunts then the car began to rock on its suspension back and forth.

"fuckin hell your a game bitch, no wonder you came looking for me" my boss groaned into my wifes ear.

"keep.............going" - i heard her muster between pants as her hands gripped on his back and pressed into his shirt fabric. His trousers were pulled half way down his thighs and his shirt still on, my wifes top had been pulled up over her boobs and skirt pulled up as far over her wide hips as it would go, she still had her black heels on and her knickes were rapped round the ankle of her left leg over the seat back.

The car after only a couple of rocks suddenly picked up pace and was really rolling back and forth now.

"open ya legs bitch, for fucks sake" my boss comanded.

"i am" my wife replied"

"and move ya fat ass like your enjoying it too" he immediatly responded

"dont be so nasty" she whimpered back at him

"come on make some noise or I'll never finish like this" he said as he seemed to move even faster and harder if that was possible.

my wife began to moan and groan, and panted out of breath. a faint slapping noise could be heard as his hips thrust against her soft pale belly and thighs

"ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH, YOU FUCKIN SLUT" - my boss yelled as i saw his thrusts get more uncontrolled and jerky. my wife squeeled and and cryed out "OHHH DAN" (my bosses name)he jerked hard into her pausing each time right up her to the hilt then withdrawing and ramming back inside. must have lasted about 40 seconds before he stopped and withdrew himself rocking back onto his knees on the passenger side rear seat. my wife was gasping for air and was lay on her back her head scrunched up against the drivers side rear door as she had been thrust up against it.

"OH MY GOD, THAT WAS AMAZING" - my wife panted.

"get dressed quick", my boss said as he hitched his jeans up and began to fasten his belt and fly. My wife slowly began to raise up and i instinctively edged back a little away from the car, worried I might be seen. she tugged her top down and pulled her boobs back into it, then wriggled on the seat and found her knicks around her ankle. She pulled them up and over her curvy white thighs covering her triangle of now matted dark hair between her legs.

"come on get on with it for fucks sake" - my boss grunted as he finished fastening himself up again.

"sorry", my wife apologised "will only be a min" she said as she lifted her round bum off the seat and pulled her skirt down to her knees. I realised they were going to get out so moved behind the car next to them and peered through its glass at them - still listening on the phone.

"maybe we can do it again sometime"? my wife asked fishing for an answer.

"if iam at a loose end, and your performance going to be better"

"why what was wrong with it??" she asked

"your a bit dull, fat birds are usually gaging for it too, but we will see" he said as he open the rear passenger door and got out. My wife quickly got out and closed the door, she wriggled in her heels to the front of the car where he grabbed her and marched her back to the front enternace gripping her by the arm. Her heels clicked away on the tarmac

I waited trying to comprehend what had gone on for a few mins then returned to the party. Needless to say my wife went straight to sleep that night which gave me time to figure out what I should do about the whole affair. I decided in the early hours of the morn that I would cancel her phone call log so she wouldnt know i had listened and see how she will act over the next few weeks.

Until now she has actually been little different. She is a good wife and our sex life is just the same - a little regular and dull but at least regular. If iam honest I found the whole experience a massive turn on and am kinda hoping something might come of it again! I am still working with the boss and the relationship aint changed much altho he now does sport a stupid smarmy grin on occasions when we are alone. I am waiting a seeing and maybe I will have another event to tell you all about in the future - who knows!!!