Written by Nancy2

17 Nov 2006

I am a ts/tv Girly all dressed up with full make-up and was driving in Bobbington during the night when my car tyre got a puncher so I pulled in to a deserted carpark by the woods and got my spare from the tailgate boot and placed it by the punchered tyre on the car, then I returned to the tailgate and bent over for the tools.

As I did this I thought I heared a car enter the carpark but I was so busy getting the tools that i didn't notice, Then I got a shock as I heared a voice say "you look as if you have problems miss" I looked up to discover a guy standing there with a tent in his trousers, as he said " don't worry I will do it for you" he then took over and replaced the tyre and replaced all the tools and damaged back in my car.

I then thanked him and he said "that's alright but one good turn deserves another and just love to have tv/ts Girly like you", I didn't know what say but eventully he persauded me to go for a walk in the woods with him.

Once we had walked into a small clearing he stared to kiss me and moved his hands under my dress moving the hem up until he removed my knickers by then I was very excited.

He then bent me over and pushed his hard cock between my pussy/arse cheeks and then stretched my hole as he proceeded to force his hard cock right up me, this made me sqirm with excitment as he fucked me, making me shout for more till he filled me with his lovely cream.

He then left me and went back to his car and drove off and I went to my car and returned home and than wanked over what happened but if another guy said he wanted me I would repeat the same thing.