Written by Debs

16 Jan 2004

I gave him a few words of encouragement as he worked the cream in, telling him now nice it was – he said nothing – still very hesitant. He worked down my back to the top of my bottom and then back up the sides. He was careful to avoid the sides of my boobs though, which were showing. Every time he got close I felt my tummy tense wondering if he would touch them, but each time he pulled back. I was contemplating turning over and asking him to do the front as well, when he got up and left with a quick goodbye. I didn’t know whether to feel embarrassed or angry, but decided to put it down to his lack of experience rather than him not fancying me. I got up and went to find my bikini, deciding to get some sun anyway, noticing that the balcony opposite was now empty – even he wasn’t interested!

The day passed uneventfully – apart from the admiring glances from the Cuban waiters, who made no secret of the fact that they liked my boobs. I felt some satisfaction in this at least.

That evening we met up with Daniel’s mum and Dad for dinner – he was nowhere to be seen. I casually asked where he was and was told he had met another lad and was off chasing girls with him. Later that night, we went to the hotel “Night Club” – if it could be called that! I went to the bar and within a second a tall good looking lad was next to me. Hi Debs he said smiling – my names Nick – I’m a friend of Daniel, staying in the apartment opposite you by the way. I realised he was the guy from the balcony…blushed then smiled. Hi Nick I said.

Thanks for the show this morning he smiled again looking me up and down…pity Daniel couldn’t finish the job though…looks like a lady like you could do with a lot of cream he said staring at my boobs. If you need a more experienced guy then just let me know.

I laughed – how old are you Nick. 18 he replied….a whole 2 years older I thought…

Well hubby is off shark fishing at 8:00am tomorrow..so its room 5226 if you think you have enough cream to cover these I said looking down at my boobs.

Soon after that we left and I was awake half the night wondering. As soon as hubby left I jumped in the shower, thought for a moment and decided to put on my smallest bikini..side ties on the bottoms…and then as an after thought my strap on heeled sandles..

I had just about given up, when at 9:00am there was knock on the door. I felt my stomach lurch and went to open it.

There was Nick..and right behind him an embarrassed looking Daniel.

Nick smiled and just walked in..well you said you needed lots of cream Debs…

I followed them in and closed the door..mind racing..wow 2 of them!!

I lay down on the bed..and handed Nick the cream,,he smiled..let me show you Daniel..this is what the lady wants he laughed and unclipped my top immediately covering my back with cream rubbing it in gently…after a few minutes he said..well think its time to do the front don’t you Debs..turn over honey.

I didn’t think twice..just rolled over looking up at them as they stared down at me..

Nick out the sun cream down..won’t be needing this he whispered Dan and I have some special cream for those tits don’t we mate.

I watched in silence as they both dropped their shorts and knelt either side of me..hard cocks pointing at my boobs..i lifted my hand to reach Nicks…he took it..and guidd it down to my pussy…here’s the thing Debs he said..every time Dan and I cum this holiday you cum..that ok with you…I smiled as my fingers found my clit and wet pussy..ok with me boys..

With that they both wanked their cocks as I watched and rubbed my clit…within minutes Daniel started to cum, this set Nick off and I followed as they covered my boobs in cum..lots of it..cum for us Debs Nick whispered as he rubbed cum into my boobs with the end of his cock, good girl cum for us….

My body was still shaking when they dressed and left..see you later today Debs…you belong to us for the rest of the holiday remember that..when we cum you cum..and by the way..you owe us an orgasm already..we’ll collect it later honey…

As they left I looked down at my boobs..wow..I wondered what Nick had in mind for later..

To be continued…