Written by Mary

19 Feb 2006

My husband has been a cuckold husband for two years now. He actively encourages me to have sex with other men and is turned on by hearing the explicit details of my infidelity or watching me do it! I have four men who I see regularly and a series of one night stands in between. In the last to years I have fucked about 40 guys and my husband has watched me with about half of these guys!

Andrew had always been open about his desire for me to have sex with other men and I had been inquisitive, having only ever having had sex with him! I often wondered what it would be like to feel another man’s cock parting my pussy lips. After a few years of marriage, our sex life was dull and stagnant. He would, twice a week, climb on top of me and feed his semi hard dick into me and move about for a few minutes, before grunting and cumming! To be honest, looking back now, he was pathetic at it. He no longer satisfied my sexual desire.

So the next time he went through the motions of sex, I told him just how crap he was and that I needed a real guy to fuck me! His sad little face soon turned into one of excitement, when he realised what I was saying! He said I could fuck whoever I wanted, provided I told him all the sordid details or even allowed him to watch!

I told him that I would do it on my own terms, not his! I would tell him what I wanted and I would decide if he could watch. I explained that the reason I was having to turn to other men for sex was entirely due to his inadequacy. They were to be the rules. He agreed.

From that moment on, our relationship changed in a big way. I told him that as he wasn’t a real man, he would have to do the housework, cleaning and shopping. He basically agreed to do anything I asked of him. He had become a sad, pathetic excuse for a man and deserved to be humiliated!

My first extra marital cock came soon after our new arrangement.

Andrew had always wanted me to shave my pussy but I had refused. I decided it was now time. I wanted it shaved for another man to enjoy, so I made my husband shave me! I could see the excitement on his face as he did it but I made it clear to him that it wasn’t for him!

That night I’d arranged to go out with a friend who had recently divorced and was making no secret of the fact that she was “available”. Andrew thought her a tart; she was! A perfect hunting partner!

I insisted that he watched me get ready. He sat quietly as I changed into some of the tartiest clothes I possessed, a very short mini skirt, no knickers, hold-ups, tight, low top. I told him that I was going to get my smooth shaven pussy fucked by a real man and did he mind? “No”, he whimpered!

As I left to meet Jane, he came over to kiss me and I wouldn’t let him! “Get the house cleaned while I’m out!” I snapped, closing the door!

Meeting guys couldn’t be easier, especially for two attractive women in their 40’s, dressed like tarts!! I could have fucked five or six guys that first night, but settled for one! I met my husband’s boss, out with his mates. Jane soon disappeared with one of the guys and clearly wasn’t coming back! Dave, Andrew’s boss was flirting heavily with me. Andrew hated the guy. He said he was arrogant and full of himself. He complained about him to me almost on a daily basis but did fuck all about it! To me, Dave seemed an OK guy!

Eventually Dave asked if I wanted a lift home. A few minutes later I was sat in his Jag, heading home. As he drove, he placed his hand on my thigh, I guess to see how I reacted. I opened my legs!! That signal was enough for him. Dave found a quiet lane and pulled in to a farm track.

Without saying a word, we climbed into the back and started kissing! His hands were all over me. He soon had my top off and my tits exposed. As he sucked on my nipples he slipped his hand up my skirt and seemed pleasantly surprised with the smoothness of my cunt! He slipped a couple of fingers inside me and began fingering me, feeling me writhe around, pushing hard onto his hand! It felt good!

I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his gorgeous, big hard cock! A proper cock! I went down on him, like a true slut, and began sucking his shaft! This sex felt so much better than I was used to!

Before Dave had chance to cum in my mouth, I climbed over him, straddling his cock, and holding it in one hand, I slid down onto it, feeling it stretch my cunt as he entered! What had I been missing all theses years?

I bounced up and down on his cock, feeling it thrusting deeper into me as he stretched and fucked me! Soon the pace increased, I was on the verge of an almighty climax for the first time in months! As I screamed out, he pushed even deeper and his cock throbbed, spunking me for ages! He must have filled me. What a man!

Moments later I was back in the front of the Jag tidying myself, my cunt absolutely oozing with his spunk! It was literally running down the inside of my thighs!

Dave dropped me off at home and I saw the curtains twitching! Andrew would have recognised his boss’s car!

As I walked in, he met me. The house was tidy and he looked sad!

“Dave, your boss, has just given me the best fucking of my life!” I told him, lifting my mini skirt to show him Dave’s cum dripping from me!

I told him to follow me upstairs. I lay on the bed, lifted my skirt and opened my legs!

“Clean me!” I instructed. “Lick out Dave’s spunk!”

Obediently he did as I said. His face was a picture! His mouth covered in his boss’s cum!

“Now fuck off and sleep in the spare room!” I said. He did!

Times have moved on since then and I regularly fuck other guys. But since he became my cuckold husband, I haven’t allowed his cock inside me!