Written by Julia

24 Jun 2006

Today was the first day I had completely to myself in months. It was a glorious hot sunny day, the first day of summer. There was not a cloud in the sky and I was enjoying my solitude. I have been focused on my job for months and working many long extra hours.

I’ve had no free leisure time for relaxing, and my usual habit of getting some sun on my very white skin (This is spite of my Italian ancestry) follow the new trend of going ‘stockingless’ I would need a little color. Taking full advantage of the beautiful day, I threw on my bathing suit. My backyard is quite private and so I felt very safe should I fall asleep. The neighborhood was completely quiet and with everyone at work I slipped off my bathing suit top to avoid the suntan strap marks that can often mar the look of summer fashions.

As I lay in the chaise, I was enjoying the thoughts of that morning’s sex with my attentive, virile husband. All our married life he has been a jogger and works out daily lifting weights. His body is strong and youthful and I still find him incredibly sexy at 50 years old. Even after 20 years of marriage, the man still makes me quiver with delight. Those thoughts of our lovemaking and his delicious rod brought all the passion back and soon I could feel my slit becoming damp with my pussy juice. Sex with him makes me feel whole again.

Out of the corner of my eye behind my sunglasses I suddenly noticed our next door neighbor. The old fellow is about 75 years old. He’s been a widower for 10 years and keeps completely to himself. He is rarely home and even more rarely out in his yard. He’s a skinny old thing and in the years we’ve lived in the house I don’t think I’ve spoken to him more than the cordial “Good morning”. But now, there he is starring at my ample bare breasts and huge, smooth, nipples. I could tell he didn’t realize I saw him behind my sunglasses and realized he was edging closer for a better look at white breasts assuming that I was asleep.

Something took over me and completely out of character, I realized I was sexually stimulated by the thought of this man staring at me. Already wet thinking about that morning’s sex, I did something that still shocks me; I slid my hand into my bathing suit bottom and slipped two of my fingers between my pussy lips. The silkiness of my slit was exciting and I thought of my husband’s tool rubbing over my clit and sliding down into my pussy made me cream all the more. I knew some of the juices were from his delicious creamy cum that he pumped inside me. I slid my fingers over my clit, which was swollen and I shook with pleasure. My pussy was still sore from the work over he gave me. I love having a sore twat and love when his juice drips from me after sex. It is a delicious reminder of his passion and I get wild thinking of it when I should be thinking of other things.

I had my eyes glued on the old man. The sight of me pleasuring myself was a magnet for his attention. He edged closer but was trying to hide himself behind a tree. I was so hot watching him and knowing my show was keeping him mesmerized. It was an incredible feeling of power and I drank it in. Yes, I felt like a vixen, an evil woman. All those words flooded my head, harlot, whore… Yes, I was enjoying the thought of my sin. Yes, I am bad. I am bad. I am an evil woman who uses her sexuality as power over men. I remember my mother telling I was a bad little girl when she would find me pleasuring myself as a teenager. Once she made me go talk to the priest about it. I think he enjoyed the conversation and asked rather lewd questions about my sex life, the disgusting old pig. Religious man my ass.

Now today, this was all going in the wrong direction and I knew it and yet loved it. My heart pounded. Would I let this man touch me? Should I let the old guy finger my twat? It was a decision that needed to be made but I was thinking how I could further excite him. I’d give him an afternoon he’d remember for a long time. I turned and looked directly at him while still pleasuring myself. He was enjoying this scene. I got up from the chaise and motioned to him to follow me. He followed slowly but willingly. He looked apprehensive but his excitement overcame his fear. He had a strange look over his face, pleading and fear all in one.

We entered the open French doors into the bedroom suite. I turned to him and said; “There will be no touching but you’re welcome to watch me. I think you’ll enjoy yourself.” I directed him to sit in an easy chair while I slid off my bathing suit bottom, displaying the muff around my twat. Men always comment on my pussy hair. No need to shave it, it is dark and lies flat on my mound. I climbed on the satin bed comforter. I’d give him a good show that he would remember for a long time. The astroglide was still on the nightstand from the morning and I poured it liberally over my breasts and began sliding both my hands over them, occasionally rolling the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. He watched attentively as I slide my hands down between my legs and spread my lips apart to expose my clit for him to view. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. I was completely enjoying my display, as was he.

I reached into my “bag of tricks” I keep under the bed and brought out my stash of toys. The one I was looking for was a 12 inch vibrating dildo. His breath caught when he saw the size of it and I immediately began running the head of it over my clit and then began to fuck my twat with it. My passion was near it’s fulfillment and I could sense a huge pulsating orgasm rising. Suddenly my twat began to contract on the dildo as I started up the vibration and then I began to scream; “I’m cumming, I’m cumming…….,I…I…..I” And then I was still with the dildo still stuck in my twat.

I looked toward him and saw a smile on his face that I would guess hadn’t been there in years. The frustration on his face was evident. “Now, me” was all his said. I took him by the hand and gently pealed off his old khaki pants. He had on white jockey underwear, which I threw on the floor. His penis was small shriveled and limp. But I had no fear that I could work my magic on it. I took some astroglide and began rubbing it with my hand. Within minutes it was engorged. Yes, I would make this a memorable afternoon for him. I surrounded his rod with my tits. As he murmured something I thought I heard him say “ahhhhhh…..Fuck some big tits.” But his voice came from deep back in this throat. I began to pump his dick with my hand simulating the contracts my pussy would give and all he could do was let out a purring sound. I could tell that he was close and I brought him to his pleasure. He pulsated and then shot his load. There wasn’t much and it was thick and stuck on the head of his cock. He just sat there with his eyes closed. Then he slowly opened his eyes and a big smile came over his face. “Thank you.”

Then we two virtual strangers sat and looked at each other…… Suddenly, my reason returned and I was ashamed. “ I’m so sorry” was all I could mumble……. He gently took my hands in his said: “Please, don’t…….this was, was…..wonderful. Thank you.” I went in the bathroom and quickly threw on my white terry bathrobe. When I returned his pants were on and he was pulling up his zipper.

“Please, can I make you some lunch?” I asked. “That would be wonderful” he said. I made salad plates and we sat on the patio eating our lunch. I poured each of us a glass of pinot grigio. There was very little conversation and then he thanked me and left.

Today I am confused.....do I tell my husband? Do I share my sex with this man again? Am I evil? In the back of my mind I want to do this more....it was exciting, it was dangerous.