Written by Sing-and-Swing

15 Oct 2006

Late at night, following a wedding, we were sitting in our

living room with a few friends, chatting with drinks before

going to bed. The guests were staying the night and would

take up all the spare bedrooms and both the living rooms

leaving no room anywhere.There was a ring on the doorbell.

On the doorstep was another friend, Neil, from the other

side of the country. He was the worse for drink - so much so

that he had had an argument with his family, been left behind

and could not remember where they were staying. We had no

idea either, and his wife's mobile phone was turned

off. As he was in no fit state to send on anywhere, we took

him in. The only space available was on the floor of our bedroom

at the foot of our bed. I helped him upstairs where, with

more help, he undressed completely, got into the sleeping

bag provided, and went straight to sleep.I went downstairs

and chatted with our guests for another half-hour or so,

and then we were all ready for bed. My wife and I went to our

room and went to bed wearing our customary birthday suits

for sleeping, not really thinking of Neil being in the same

room. I was having trouble getting to sleep as it was a warm

night, and lay there in a half-doze for some time. My wife,

on the other hand, had had a long and tiring day and had consumed

a lot of alcohol, so went straight off into a deep sleep.

The bed-covers were off down to our hips because of the heat.

I heard Neil get up and go to the bathroom for a pee. The moon

was bright with the curtains open so he had no need to switch

on a light. I could see that he was naked, and he must have

observed that we were also bare if he was awake enough. He

came back into the room but instead of getting back into

his sleeping bag he climbed onto our bed beside my wife.

I was on the edge of the bed facing my wife, and she was sleeping

on her side in the middle of our king-size bed and facing

me, so there was plenty of room for him. Neil snuggled up

to my wife's back, put an arm around her taking her breast

in his hand, and appeared to go back to sleep. I thought this

was highly amusing so did nothing about it, wanting to see

my wife's reaction when she awoke.After a few minutes

like this, he roused again and started first gently fondling,

then massaging my wife's tits which are well worth

groping - and kissing and sucking her back. By now he was

obviously awake and aware of his mistake - if it was a mistake

in the first place. I was not too close to her, so he had free

play. He slid his hand down to her groin and played there

for a little while. My wife murmured and rolled onto her

back, rousing but not properly waking at that stage He started

sucking, licking and kissing my wife's breasts and

stroking her abdomen and fanny very softly. He was taking

full advantage of the chance offered, thinking me to be

asleep. My wife woke at this point and realised that it was

Neil, and not me playing with her body. She looked over in

my direction, saw that I seemed to be asleep, then whispered

to Neil that he shouldn’t be doing that, at which he moved

up and placed a kiss on her lips. Rather than spurn him, she

placed her hands on the back of his head and a long lingering

kiss ensued. He pushed the covers off of both of them to give

himself full access and I could see his large erect penis.

My wife parted her legs slightly, and moved her hand to his

prick. He gave her pussy some more attention with his fingers,

which I knew would make her lubricate freely, and soon after

moved on top of her. He slipped into her and started gently

pumping away, still suckling and fondling her dugs. She

put her arms around his back and raised her knees, and the

bed rocked gently to the rhythm of their love-making She

made the soft mewing sounds that she makes when she is coming

but does not wish to make a lot of noise, then his strokes

quickened and deepened. He thrust into her fully, went

rigid and grunted, thrust slowly a few more times, then

stopped moving. They exchanged another deep, lingering

kiss, and shortly afterwards he slipped off of her, out

of the bed and back into his sleeping bag. I lay there thinking

about the excitement of seeing my wife give herself in this

way, and when they were both asleep wanked myself off to

the images in my mind.The next morning when my wife and I

woke up, I asked her if we should invite Neil into our bed.

She sounded horrified at the idea. Not fair on his wife,

houseful of people, what sort of woman do you think I am?

Then she got out of bed, and the next thing the shower is going.

I guess she didn’t want me to find Neil’s spunk inside her