Written by John& B

5 Oct 2005

This statred 20 yrs ago when we were queit young 19-20 years old.My girlfriend at the time was just wild in bed I

must not have been bad either cause we did move in together

sex was great, but she would say she did not like to swallow

but boy she was a good cock sucker.After a couple of years we trying differant things her giving me head in porno theater, while diving,I noticed how horny she would get while I would read porn to her, especially John Holmes, and

two guys and one women stories.Well I would get going too at these, so I would always bring it up with a dildo in and my cock in her mouth I just knew this girl was up for it but could never get her to admit or participate.Well I hired this Black kid at work and he used to brag about the size of his cock. I sold him a car then one day I came home

early and his car is in my driveway not thinking anything I

went in and he's not there B said he dropped the car off cause he did not have this months payment.Next morning I pick him up from work he tells me this story of as he got home a girl from his apt.and he hook up she see's his cock

and says it's true about black mens cock then he proceeds to tell me how she is screaming as he is doing her doggy style then the boyfriend comes home and he had to jump out

the window.Well I could never get her to admit that to me

but boy did get milage out of that in my own mind.Years later after we went our separate ways we would hook up I

asked her about that time finally she proceeded to tell me how big traheems cock was and how she would always have too

lube up because it was so thick and she always used a rubber.Well I wanted some of that action.And it took some 20

yrs Iam 42 now and I had too try,I call wego for dinks talk

and get to sex and see says you always had a kink side too you, and you too you would never admit it.So then see goes on about a current guy introduced her to two girls and a him.It was o.k but not what it was craked up to be even though he had a big cock she could take it or leave it.Well

every girls dream is two men, yes it is and mine too, are you in,hell yes I say.So we meet for drinks adam who is black agrees with B more drinks the better wow I remember its anything goes,if she would I mean she always swallowed and took it all when we drank.Iam thinking wow this is actually going to happen.So we go to her place, it did not take long shes going on how much she always loved me.Iam thinking she's drunk Iam horny lets split roast this girl B you need to strip so we all do and Adam does have a Big cock

not even hard its 7 inches and thick Well B starts too suck

and it grows,she really is a good cock sucker when she's drunk I get to eating her pussy from behind it is wet Iam sucking on her clit with every bit of talent I got when she

comes out load, she grabs his cock and starts beating it, turns around grabs mine and does the same and says yes every

girls dream more cock than she can handle I shoot all over the place.She gets in the doggy position Adam lines up and rams it home all in one push auhgg is what I hear,with that B's Head is on the floor like she is hugging it,ass up in the air,back arched just like the slut I knew she was,openning that pussy for as much cock as possible Adam cock hard must been 12" inches I don't know if you ever seen it but what he was doing long stroking her was truly a sight to

see I moved around and B knew what to do as Iam already hard

she starts sucking like never b-4 on our drunking nights.We go up to bed continue fucking her for a couple hours with her screaming every time, she came at least 6 times.I've never been able to do that with a women.I fall asleep wake up in the morning when the bed moving open my eyes to se B in the doggy position again Adam long stroking I watch a little bit not moving just enjoying the show then B hand reaches over grabs my cock and says you are awake and say's I love you, with that I grab her head bring it to my cock and use her mouth as my fuck hole damn I've been horny early morning b-4 but I was really using this face.We are continuing our sessions. I'am thinking of a Gang Bang, she is not sure because she and I have feelings for each other again.I'am thinking my own little slut to do what ever I want.I think I can get it done knowing me I will not stop trying until its done then movies her on her hands and knees crawling towards camera saying I need COCK.