Written by Mick the ex

29 Sep 2006

Three years ago, shortly before we divorced, me and Jane Allison had a terrific holiday near Bandol in the South of France. She looked terrific. Firm breasted, even after giving birth to two great kids. (Mandi and Jim were staying with her parents). One drunken night before we'd left to go, we (between us) shaved her fanny. Her lips were extremely prominent and juicy! We had booked a camping holiday and our campsite was just a stones throw from a nudist beach. We were catching the rays and Jane was getting a great tan but we had yet to be brave enough to venture to the nudie beach. This day at lunch time we went to the local restaurant and had a good meal with plenty of wine. We went back to our frame tent and made love. Unfortunately I came a bit fast and fell asleep. (Or did I?). Jane Allison got in a right strop - I could hear, as I was pretending sleep.

She sprayed herself with Channel No 5 and wandered out. I gave her a minute or two and followed at a discreet distance. It was easy to hide as their were many dunes.

She got to the nudist beach, strolled into the sea and came out a minute later holding her bikini and wearing nothing but a mischievous grin. She looked fabulous.

About 50 metres down the beach 7 guys were playing volley ball. She watched as the cocks were swinging and flapping as they played. One of the lads said something to the other guys and said something to Jane in French. She was welcomed and she joined the team with only three guys. She stood near the net. Before she got their - their had been alot of 'accidental' touching of Jane Allison's breasts and buttocks. She didn't mind this at all and said 'ooh la la' as the best equipped of the lads took his large dick in his hand and waved it at her.

They served and the game restarted. God - did she get fondled at the net - every time the ball came to her. They made a conscious effort for this to happen. They had a large bottle of red wine near one of their towels and all kept helping themselves to liberal glugs of wine. A short time later as they were getting more daring and sloshed - two or three of the guys fell in a heap with Jane. There was much groping. I could see jane was laying spead eagled with a french hand exploring her. She was enjoying herself. One of the guys said something and they all helped Jane Allison up and picked up the wine bottle and made for a hidden dune. Fucking hell I thought as I moved to within watching distance of my randy wife.

Towels had been spread out and Jane was on hands and knees with a French guy entering her from the rear. Another guy knelt in front of her head and she took him greedily in her mouth. All hell broke loose. The rest groped every inch of her. The first two lads came rather quickly and were replaced. One of the lads said something and they picked up Jane and laid her on the large dicked French guy. She lowered herself slowly onto his huge dick already soaking in my and another guys cum. She eventually took it all - her face was a picture of pure unadulterated lust. Another guy came up behind her and placed his fingers in her pubic region collecting spunk to lubricate her anus. (She'd always fantacised about the sandwich). When the guy was happy she was wet enough, he slowly eased himself into her arse. She was in seventh heaven. I was as horny as hell myself and took out my dick and slowly wanked as Jane was being taken from front and back with the rest carresing her and off-loading in her hungry mouth. She spent the rest of the afternoon shagging, sucking and being rogered. She eventually kissed them all long and lovingly one at a time and gave all their cocks playful rubs and ran off. She ran straight into the sea.

I made my way back as quickly as possible back to our tent and into feigned sleep. Allison giggled, struggled out of her bikini and snuggled up to me. On waking she said she had wandered up to the nudist beach for a look round, she wanted to know if French dicks looked different. She told me she had just wandered up and down and come back to bed.

I mentioned casually that she should have had a game of volleyball because French nudists liked that sort of thing.

She just looked at me, and said with a smile 'you pervy fucking bastard'. She climbed on top of me and I knew our sex life had been given a new and much needed lift. She told me that those seven had beaten her previous record by three. 'Three?!' 'I'll let you know another time she smiled as she sunk deep onto my rigid penis'.