Written by Katrina

28 Oct 2006

I was soon stroking his shaft and pulling his

foreskin back and forth over his large purple

glans as he groaned in pleasure,as he did so he

lowered the straps of my nightie and took out

my breasts and began kneading and groping my breasts,

'I've been dreaming of seeing and touching these

beautiful big breasts of yours since i first saw

you' he whispered,soon his fingers worked their way

into my wet vagina and i gasped in pleasure at his

touch 'Now take it in your mouth' he said softly.

I had only sucked my husbands penis a few times but

here i was sucking on Geoffs big one.

When i was finally ready for Geoff,he gently eased

his salami sized manhood into my small vagina,it

hurt a little at first but i was soon crying out loud

at the incredible sensations from such a lovely

penis and i came several times,Geoff took me from

behind also which made the penetration even deeper,

and i even sat on it for him to allow him to see

and feel my 34FF breasts.

I never thought for one minute that a man of 66 would

have such stamina or be so adventurous sexually,

since that first time i have become far more open

to Geoffs turn ons and i know how he loves to have

his penis sucked or to put baby oil on my breasts

and then rub it between them until he comes,he tells

me this is called a pearl necklace,i have even allowed

Geoff to talk me into letting him put his big thing

up my bottom! He enjoys this a great deal and he tells

me that i've got a 'very tight little arsehole'

i suppose that's good,i think it is anyway from

the way he bellows out in pleasure as he empties

his hot semen deep in my backside.