Written by izzy izzy

13 Oct 2007

As with most blokes my mind is on sex more than work, Below is my latest fantasy and not a lot of work was done this morning.

My doorbell goes and when I open the door and a gorgeous woman in her 45 is standing there in a short shinning pvc dress. The dress hardly cover the round curves of her very firm pert buttocks. The lace top stockings are clearly showing several inches below her dress, her high heel stretching her legs, topped off with deep dark red lipstick on her full lips.

Her heels clunck on my wooden foor, she turns, placing on hand on the hallway wall, while bending over offfering her arse to me. Her other hand slips between her thighs and starts to play with pussy. My cock is now rock hard. I strip, feeling the cold air on my skin my eyes trans fixed on her pvc clad arse as her fingers work away unseen under the dress. now my big hard red head and stroke my thick shaft. With both hand I pull the dress over her hips exposing for the first time her smooth firm milky white arse and shaven pussy lips. I kneel down and massage her buttocks while her expert fingers glide out of her soaking pussy. I tease her buttocks apart and run my tongue over her anal ring. She moans and pushes her fingers in deeper and faster in her eager pussy. I stretch her buttocks apart which opens up her anus and I ram my tongue as deep as I can, she tastes so wonderful, she moans loudly pushing her arse in to my face, wanting my tongue deeper in her arse.

Turn round I command. I lick my middle finger and ease it gently in to her asre. She has a slight in take of breath as I ease my second finger in. With my other hand I part her swollen pussy lps and take her h clit in my mouth. I can feel her hand on the back of my head pushing my tongue deep in to her warm wet pussy. God I want her to come in my mouth so I can drink her cum.

She walks to the bedroom and goes down on all fours with her arms on the bed, her back arched,her pussy level with my throbbing cock. I place the tip of my cock on her swollen pussy lips, grab her hair and with one hard, deep thrust ram my cock deep in her pussy, pulling her back with her hair. I want to fuck her as deep and hard and fast as I can. I watch my cock ram in and out of her pussy. The room is full of her moans as my swaet runs down my body. I feel and hear by balls slap againt her arse, the harder I fuck the louder she moans. I am close to comming.

On your knees I say. She is in front of me, ready to receive my load. She looks in to my eyes, never loosing contact with them as I wank my shaft, ready to come. Open I odrer, she opens her red mouth and with four big jerks shoot my hot thick come over her face and in her mouth. Clean me I command and with her tongue cleans my cock of come and her juice, swallowing any that gets in to her mouth.

My final command is leave. She gets up, pulls the dress back down over her hips and without cleaning her face, leaves closing the door behind her.