Written by Terry

25 Aug 2005


For a long time now I have had a fantasy about meet up with a couple and having some great sex.

I eventually met a couple who came up trumps in all departments, let me explain.

I met Dave and Lyn who were looking for an average guy (me) to join them for some horny fun.

Dave was in his 50's and Lyn was 51, a size 18 and lovely big tits. A bit about me, 35, married (obviouslt my wife does not know, at least I'm honest!!)

I went to thier house as arranged to be met by Lyn in Bra, string and stockings, We said our hellos and made our way straight upstairs. Dave was sitting in a chair naked and slowly wanking his cock, ( a nice one at that).any way to business, Lyn and myself were soon getting down to it, I was sucking her lovely big nipples and playing with her shaven cunt, just how I like then!.

Dave kept wanking, and we soon forgot about him. Lyn started to suck on my cock to the point I thought I was about to come so I pulled her off and played with her some more, she then started to shout to fuck her, fuck her hard.

So I climbed ontop of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her lovely wet pussy. She clamped herself around me and pulled me in and one one motion I was balls deep.

Dave came over and started to feed his cock into his wifes mouth and play with her nipples. I continued to fuck her hard and we then changed positions and I eased my cock in from behind>

Anyway the best was yet to come, she started to come and asked me to shoot my come right up her, I was at the point of no return and bang my come started to fill her juciy pussy.

Dave then asked me to 69 with Lyn and suck all my come out of her, lyn looked to see my reation, who was I to complain and quickly got on my back.

Lyn started to bring my cock back to life while I eat her pussy and started to taste my own come. While all this was going on Dave got behind lyn and rammed his cock into her pussy right above my head. Having had a cock in my mouth before it seamed natural to lick his shaft as he fucked her. Dave was telling lyn what I was doing and that he was about to come, at which point Lyn emptied her baldder all over my face as Dave Shot his load.

So their I was covered in Lyn piss and Dave come leaking and wow, bloody fantastic, dreams were coming true for me.

Lyn then swung rounf and kissed me deep and licked all the come from my mouth and Daves cock.

We soon came back to earth and Lyn asked did I mind as she was too far gone to stop. Mind I was in heaven.

So to end this true story, if anyone in the Chester area fancies a repeat of this experience then please get in touch.

by for now

Terry, ps my ad is 93019