Written by connar

18 Jan 2004

I had allways new that something was not wright with my sexualty all through high school i would get errect looking at the other boys,but thought i would grow out if it,however it all hit home,when i had just turend over the leagal age, i was staying on for highers but had a lot of free time on my hands and one day while wandring around the shops i went into the local public loo for a phoo as i sat and did it i was aware of a small hole on the wall and on further investgation i could clearly see a eye looking through at me,i sat back my heart pounding,some one was watching me shit,i wiped stood up and bent too pull up my trousers the eye was still there,and i found i was getting erect just then a note of paper slid under the partition,it read how about if i come through and join you,i was by this time stroking my dick my hand went to the door and i slid the catch back with a loud click a few mins later the door pushed open and in steped a guy older than my dad at least in his late sixtys but nicly turend out ,because of the shortage of space in the cubical i had no choice bit to sit and as i did i was faced with a trouser buldge,well he said take it out i was very nervous as i unzipped him and reached in i felt a hard knob in my hand for the first time,i gingerly took him out wow it was so buitiffull, and i new then i was gay or at least had stronger gay feelings then hetro,it was only inches from my face and i new what was expected form me as i had read some gay mags,but did not know if i could put another mans dick in my mouth i had had some day dreams of the type of guy i wanted to lay me and it was the usal stereo type young lean strong,but hear i was with a man over three times my age,he was slowely stroking his cock with one hand and had a hold of the back of my head with his other,come on he said suck ,this is your first time isint it ,i knodded well let me teach you he said and with that he slipped his dick past my lips and into my mouth i put up little resistance and he quilty said suck and as i did so he slid his penis in and out my mouth he picked up my hand and placed it on his balls and told me to squeese him i did and was soon into quiet a steady suck bobbing my head up and down his cock,it was so good that when he said he was about to cum i never thought for a moment that he meant he was going to cum in my mouth,agrr he groned and held my head on it i did struggle as he started to spew his cum into my mouth i could taste him thick and salty and i did not think this guy had came for a long time he held me there untill he had done,and finaly he slid from my mouth leaning against the door and me with a mouthfull of semen i did not know whether to swallow or spit there was a little cum on my chin,i was still as horny as fuck he looked at me and said dont waste it and with that words of incouragment a gulped and swallowed it all down,ok he said hows about coming back to mine i joined him in his car and we drove we stoped past a shop and i later found out he was in cashing his pension when we got back to his we went to bed and he fucked me it hurt like hell but i strangly enjoyed it,and as i lay there his spunk seeping out of my bum hole he slid down the bed and took me into his mouth and sucked me off i shot into his mouth and he came up and kissed letting my own drip back in to my mouth i thought at the time that it was rather repugnant letting a guy kiss me ,i left soon after to go home thinking to myself i would not do it agian ,but the next day i called off sick from class waited for mum to go to work and made my way to his hoping that someone would perhaps stop me or he would not be in, but as i gently tapped at his door he came smiled at me and invited me in,soon after there i was with him sitting on his chair and my head bobbing up and down on his lap,untill he came i swallowed all of it down we showerd and went to bed he did things to me that leaves nothin to the imagination ,he had sex with me for more than two years most days and i am now glad i met him if not who knows i might still have been wanking to gay mags