Written by Liz

18 Sep 2003

I was working in a garage and I am a terrible flirt so I always had a bit of banter with the guys who came in. There was one in particular so I set my sites on him. After quite some time, we swapped numbers and started meeting up. He was married so hadn't tried a lot of things, he fancied a 3some so I agreed. He got hold of his mate and the fun started.

We first met in a local pub for a drink and a "get to know you chat", we were there getting slightly tipsy so we decided to go for it. The two guys and me came back to my place and we went straight to the bedroom. The guy I was seeing and me put on a bit of a show, stripping eachother and wanking eachother. We got on the bed and I got on all fours to give his mate a blow job while my guy fucked me from behind, I was rubbing my clit while he fucked me and I came really hard and quickly.

He was really going for it as we were all really horny, we swapped places and his mate laid me on my back and got on top. I was sucking my man's rock hard cock while his mate fucked me hard and fast, just the way I like it. I was almost cumming when his mate went down on me and I came in his face and covered him in my hot cunt juice. He started licking my arsehole and slowly slipped a finger up my arse.

He was licking my clit and finger fucking my cunt and arse which I love and I started to fuck his fingers. As I was about to cum, he pulled them out and flipped me onto all fours. My man got underneath me and shoved his rock hard cock into my cunt. His mate slowly slipped his cock up my arse and they both started to fuck me. It felt so good to have two hard cocks in me filling me up, I was loving every minute of it. I came so many times as I love taking it up the arse.

My two guys pulled out and started wanking over my face, I was rubbing my clit hard and fast to bring myself off again, they came all over my face and in my mouth, i love the feel of hot cum on my face, it gets me really wet.

We all collapsed on the bed, exhaused. I went for a shower and they followed me in but that's another story.