Written by Ray

24 Feb 2006

Some time ago I 26 years old and was living in East Anglia, on my own in a nice little flat, and at the top of the street was a well known Gay pub, which after 2 years Id never been to, I used to pick up guys in the local freeads paper.

After a year or so of meeting the "morons", the "wham bang thankyou man types of guys", I decided that one weekday evening Id go to the pub, so after bathing , shaving etc off I went to the pub,I nervously got to the front door and entered, to find a smoke free bar, I sat on a barstool and ordered a coke(Im not a fan of alchohol).

After a few cokes Id noticed an elderly chap, sitting all alone, so we started chatting, eventually I joined him at his table, we spoke of all sorts of things, life the universe etc, he then bought me a drink, and we chatted for a while until the chat changed to sex.

With all the cokes Id drunk I needed a pee, off I went to thte toilet, to my surprise he followed me, so there we were both at the urinal facing the wall when I felt a hand on my cock, it was him (Paul)he smiled at me and I let him carry on playing with me.

I suggested we go somewhere else, he told me he was married and couldnt go to his, I then told him that I live 5 minutes away, so we drank up and left to go to mine.

Once inside the flat, I locked the doors, and we went straight into the bedroom, where clothes were off within a few minutes, for his age (65) he wasnt in bad condition and had a lovely thick 8" cock and was shaven, no pubes at all, we lay on the bed and played and sucked each other for what seemed ages, he then asked to shave my pubes off, and I aggreed to it, off to the bathroon we went he soon had me soaped up ready to shave me, which he did so gently, he then washed my cock and balls, they felt so smooth it got me hard again.

Back to the bedroom and he lay me on my back, sucking at my shaved cock, he then got out some ky jelly and lubricated my bumhole, he began to put a finger inside me, then another eventually all four fingers were inside me as he sucked my cock, he then stopped the fingering and asked if Id ever been fisted, I told him no and didnt want to be either.

so he opened my legs wider and got between them, his cock rampant and very hard, which he then slid deep inside me, it went in easily as the fingering had opened my hole, he made love to me for about 30 minutes before filling me up with his cum.

We relaxed and had a cuppa, sat around naked and cum leaking from my bumhole, he asked me to get on all fours and face away from him, then I felt something strange, he was rimming me and sucking his cum out of my bumhole, he did this for a while.

We had sex again another 3 times that night, and met up with each other many times a week, until my job took me up to Newcastle, and we lost contact.

I still remember Paul and often wonder if he is still with us or gone to the big gay bar in the sky.