Written by Jonathan

15 Feb 2004

I met my ex a few years ago through the old excite chat system, now defunct, and after we'd been chatting for a while I envited her up to mine. I live in Ilkeston, and she used to live in Portsmouth.

Before sara (name changed) came up I said that she needed to see something, at the time I had an MSN community where I had details of my swinging and photos that I'd taken (with the others concent) on there. We were hitting it off really well and I felt, for the first time, that I needed to be open about who I was and what I was into... I've had to many wrong relationships where I've hid this side of myself.

Anyways, sara came up and we had a great time... Over the next couple of months we both traveled to each others and got on really well, the end result being that sara moved in with me.

We discussed the idea of us being a swinging couple; she had lead a very sheltered life before hand, sex with her ex had been once a week when he was on shore leave, and the most adventurous thing that they ever did was to leave the lights on.

I'll detail more obout our relationship another time, as this is not what this reccolection is about, but will say that between just the two of us we tried just about everything once, more if we liked it! The openness at the begining of the relationship allowed us to say and ask things of each other that I couldnt have contemplated with on of my previous relationships.

We started to advertise on MSN and in the chat rooms there. It took a good while to vet potential people as we wanted someone that we would both feel comfortable with and wouldnt be a threat to our relationship, in that they just wanted to come and play and wouldnt start to hit on her for 1-1s. Although she would never have done that and we were comfortable that our relationship was strong, it would have been a downer.

One thing that she wanted was for the fun to be between the 3 of us, not just all the attention on her. She knew that with some of the couples I'd met the guy had been bi and that in the right situation I had no problem with some guy on guy action with a woman present. Infact the idea was a huge turn on for her. We had by this time done anal, and one of my videos was a shots film with lots of anal and DP action. She had watched this film many times becomming very arroused by it, but always saying "shit that turns me on, but I could never do that!!!" But i'm getting ahead of myself here.

Anyways, like a lot of couples we had the usual problems with guys, the most annoying being that if they had got as far as passing the "tests" they wouldnt show. It takes a lot to get to meet a couple, and if someone has got that far, then doesnt show... what a twat!.

Eventually we arainged to meet a guy in his 30s who was bi, or could be in the situation of a 3some, for a coffee and chat one evening.

He turned up, yaaaayhayy! We spent the evening talking, and chatting about things we'd done and getting to know each other better face to face... We had decided he seemed ok through messenger, but theres nothing like face to face. All the talk of sex was starting to take its tole, I could see that she was turned on as her face was flushed and her nipples very erect, with nipples as large has hers they are impossible to hide even when soft! It was getting on for about 11 and she went into the kitchen to put the kettle on again. I followed her in and we looked at each other and knew if he also wanted to play then we both would.

He came into the kitchen a few moments later and all 3 of us carried on chatting. I lent against the cupboards and sara moved herself infront of me, pressing her back and arse against me while I cuddled her. I said to Roy (name changed) "If you'd like to play, we both would like to play with you." Roy looked down at his jeans and said "errrm, seeing you two cuddle and what we've been talking about, I'm well up for it if you are!"

We made our way upstairs, and got undressed... This was the first time I'd played as a couple, and not as a single with a couple, boy was I excited and a little nervous. I looked at his crotch, his dick seemed huge, shorter than mine, but very thick and as hard as mine.

We all got on to the bed with sara in the middle on her back and roy and I on our sides facing towards her. I started to kiss sara looking deep into her eyes, she looked back a little nervious but also with a glint that said she was looking forward to seeing what this was going to be like. I pulled back to see what roy was doing, his hand had snaked down towards her pussy and was gently caressing it, his finger tip rubbing up and down on her clit.

I moved up on to my knees so I could get a better look and sara took hold of my dick and pulled me towards her face. I shifed up so she could suck on it. I was still to the side of her and she couldnt really get her lips round it propperly for a good deep sucking so I moved my legs so that I was straddling her head and lent forward my hands up against the wall... that was better. She was sucking me hard now and moaning.

I felt the bed move and sara shuffled down a bit, she pulled her head back off my dick and let out a huge moan. I looked round to see her knees up and legs wide as roy knelt between her, his dick inside up to the hilt, he lent forward so he could rest on one of his hands as the other was carressing her nipples as he slowly moved in and out. His other hand moved up and took hold of my dick and he started to wank me slowly as sara started to suck on me again, both her lips and his hand moving at the same speed.

Sara moved one of her hands to my chest, teasing my pierced nipple as she knew that sent shivers down my spine, the other moved round to my arse and she pushed a finger up my arse and started to gently move it in and out against my prostrate. At seeing this roy started to moan saying "oh shit, oh fuck!" quickly followed by "damn it!!" as he came in sara.

We all kept still in that position for a few moments, then I moved off sara. Roy pulled out, his dick still hard and soaking wet with saras and his juices. Sara told him to lie on his back and she moved herself into a 69 with him, telling him to clean her pussy... She used to love it when after sex we'd suck and lick each other clean, usualy resulting in us both reaching another orgasum.

As he licked her and she sucked his dick I moved behind her pulled my foreskin forward over my glans, put it at her arsehole, and pushed straight in. When arroused she could take it with no real niceitys or anal foreplay. I lent forward over her back and started to kiss her neck, and blow gently on her ear... I could feel her body start to shiver gently telling me that she was about to cum.

She pulled her mouth off his cock, and string of spit coming from her lip to his very hard bell end and she wispered to me, I want to see you do it now. I lent slightly to one side as she held is dick for me and put my lips arround his cock. I was moving backwards and forwards in her very tight arse and could feel it tense arround me even tighter.

Roy was taking it in turns to lick her clit, then run his tounge up and lick my my dick as it went in and out of her, sara told me after that as he licked me it ment his chin was pushing on her clit hard and with that stimulation and the fact that anal sex always gave her an orgasum anyway, mixed in with the thoughts that someone was licking my dick as it was going in and out of her, and watchin me with my lips round another guys dick finally pushed her over the edge. Her whole body tensed up, her arse started to pulsate arround my dick as she let out a very vocal scream.

The feelings I was getting started my orgasum and I could feel my spunk rising, then squirting out into her arse, jesus it was amazing. As I came I lifted my head, opening my mouth to let out a groan just as roy shot his second load of the night. The first squirt hit my face, then sara quickly moved her lips arround his dick not wanting to waste a drop and she sucked as I watched him dick pump into her mouth. I could see her swallow as quickly as she could. As I watched his legs relax she pulled his dick from her mouth and turned to me looked me in the eye as she proceeded to lick the spunk from my face. She opened her mouth to show me what she had licked off then swallowed it as her face broke into a smile.

Very slowly I pulled my dick from her arse, knowing that just pulling it out quickly can be more painfull that actually putting it in, then moved off to her side. She sat up tensing her arse so that she didnt cover roy with my spunk, but he moved his hands to her hips as she was about to get off. She looked at me with supprise her eyes widening, then relaxed as she told me he was pushing his tounge into her arsehole and licking her. She ground her arse against his face moaning as her eyes half closed in pleasure as roy cleaned her up for a second time. I watched with a huge smile on my face as my dick started to get hard again, this was what swinging and sex in general was all about, good sweaty fun with little limits except that everyone enjoys it.

She slowly pulled herself from roys face and layed down inbetween us again, a huge smile on her face "oh boy that was blody fun" she said. After a few minuites she raised herself up and said "im just going to get a drink, do you both want one?" we agreed so she got up and went down stairs to get us all a cold drink. roy and I chatted while we waited, both agreeing that that had been fantastic. Sara came back up with the drinks and we all sat there relaxing and chatting generally as we quenched our thirst.

There is more to this recollection after we'd had our drinks, one thing i've noticed about a swinging meet is that often the sex takes a break as people chill out, then once recovered everyone starts up again...

I may finish the story about that night, or just start another recollection of another time.