Written by Jonathan

16 Feb 2004

After laying there for a while drinking our drinks and talking about things in general I started to

get horny again watching sara lie there between us, the central heating was on and it was quite warm

and she was slighty perspiring.

I put my glass down on the bed side table and started to lick at her nipples, then slowly moved down

towards her pussy. She opened her legs and I licked her labia, then with one hand I pulled them apart

and upwards exposing her clit and started to give her a real good tongueing tasting her jusices mixed

in with roys. As she started to leak and get wetter I felt myself go stiff again.

Sara moved away from me and placed her glass on the other side of the bed, she moved back and I

carried on licking away at her, feeling her legs twitch as I caught her clit in just the right place.

I felt the bed move and lifted my head and quickly glanced round to see her sucking roys dick into her

mouth so returned to licking her as quickly as I could, her legs were twitching with every single

stroke of my tongue by now but try as hard as i could I just couldnt push her over the edge again.

After about 20 minuites of pushing my fingers deep into her and my middle finger into her arse, which

normally brought her off, I moved away from her pussy and nelt up.

"So sara," I said, "do you want to try that thing you've never tried before and never would?"

Her eyes lit up and she quickly pulled back from roys cock. She asked roy to lay on his back which he

did, then slowly lowered herself onto his rock hard dick, that guy had stamina! I watched as every

inch disapeared into her very wet pussy then watched as she rode him for a couple of minuites.

"Jon, for fucks sake get your dick up my arse before I change my mind!" sara said, hey who am I to

refuse an offer like that, It would have been rude not to! I positioned myself behind her as she held

still my dick as hard as its ever been, then pushed against her arsehole. Hey guess what, that kind of

sexual trick is not as easy as it looks in the movies!

I shifted about till I had a firmer position on the bed and was kneeling closer and higher that

before, then lubed her arse with spit and my finger, pushing it in and out allowing me to feel how

tight it made her arse having a cock in her pussy. When we used to make love I'd often used fingers on

the free hole, not only did it turn me on imensly but her as well.. this was different feeling someone

else in her. while not in the passion of making love to someone 1-1, I realised just how full it made

her feel.

I pushed harder this time, then a bit harder, carefully as I didnt want to suddenly slam home and go

all the way in, in one go... then her arse gave a little and the head of my cock slipped in. I nearly

carried on but held back a little, god knows how!!! then waited a few seconds till I felt her body

start to relax; that was my cue to push in further till I was all the way in, slowly I pushed till I

was laying on her back my dick in till it could go no further. Its always amazed me how she could take

a dick in her arse because she was such a small build, never mind how she used to take a pounding in

her pussy, she always liked it hard and fast till she came or I couldnt hold off any longer.

For those that dont know, I should also explain that I have genital piercings as well. At the time it

used to be 4, but I've only 2 in at the moment. With my dick and the piercings it can be a bit to much

for somepeople, with a good pounding they can rub to much! but not for sara.

We held that position for a few moments, then I started to move in and out of her arse feeling his

dick burried in her pussy. I've only done DP with one other couple before that time, and finally doing

it with someone I cared for was bloody amazing.

As I was moving in and out of her arse she started to thrust up and down on roys dick, the feeling was

fantastic. I started to sweat and could feel it running down my back as I was trying my hardest to

hold off from cumming through the feelings of my dick in her now very very tight arse and feeling

someone elses dick through the skin beteen her arse and her pussy. sara suddenly apologies to roy

"Sorry, I'm dripping sweat into your face," "never mind," said roy "I'm loving ever second of this"

I could feel saras pace increase, and watched as the mussles on her back started to get more defined

and I knew that she was close to cumming. Roy must have senced this as he started to push his arse

from the bed so he could slam into her, as he went in, I was comming out, when I went in he was

pulling out. We got faster and faster till sara suddenly started swearing loudly "fuck me you

bastards, give me your fucking spunk." While we had always been vocal during sex, really bad language

was rare...

roy and I started to pound into her, how we didnt do some serious damage to her was beyond me, as she

started to thrash about between us, till she started to stiffen and just hold her self off roys body

and away from mine, totaly still as we both carried on pushing in and out of her. I knew she was

cumming as even with all the movement going on between me and roy I could feel her arse clamping and

realeasing my dick, getting more and more powerfull. "Oh jeasus I dont think I can cum anymore, dont

stop" sara moaned. That did it for me and I shot a second load of cum into her arse telling her "I've

cum sara, can you feel my spunk in your arse?" Roy said "Oh shit thats done it... I'm cumming as well"

as he shot his load into her very wet pussy.

We were all still except for the twitching of our cocks and saras pussy clamping down on us both for

at least 2 minuites. As I started to pull out sara said "No dont, lets see if we can move so we are

all laying down like this..." so we tried, somehow we moved so we were all on our sides with sara

cuddled inbetween us as we all came down. Roy and myself slowly deflating till we both fell out. That

was nice, it made it less clinical than how the papers slag swingers off!!!!

After about half an hour of cuddling and chatting roy said that he had to go as he seriosuly needed

some sleep before work that afternoon... By the time we'd finished it was early morning. We all got

up, sara and myself put on dressing gowns while roy got dressed then we all made our way downstairs.

We thanked roy for an amazing night, and said we hoped we could do it again if he could get his shifts

worked out to allow it.

Roy left and sara and I made our way back up stairs to settle down for some sleep, unlike some couples

we'd had more than enough sex to last at least till the next night so we cuddled tight together and

very very quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next day when we eventually awoke we made love first thing, then we discussed how good it had

been, sara told me how much she had got off on watching me, and how the Dp had done it for her big

time, and I told her how it had for me as well.

So thats the tale of our first 3some as a couple.

Just so you know, sara and I didnt split because of the swinging... our seperation at the time was

very painfull, but we both had other out side problems in our lifes that ended up coming between us.

I've since been able to invest a lot more of my time in my photography work, something that I'd not

have been able to explore had we stayed together and I believe that sara is happly engaged (she may

even be married by now)

One thing that our relationship did show me was that I am a swinger, its far to much of who I am to

give it up for a "normal" relationship... to me its just as much part of me as for others being gay or

bi is... its not a "lifestyle choice," but part of my being, my love, and makes me me.

I hope you've enjoyed this recolection.

Jon xxxx