Written by Ray

25 Feb 2006

Now living up North has had its advantages, and Ive got a great pair of guys that come to me and have fun, you can get fed up with the same old scene all the time.

I had to go to London for a meeting, and flew down by plane to Stanstead, but had to go home by train, the meeting drew on and on, and eventually ended over running so I missed my first train, the next one wasnt for 2 hours, so I decided to go and get something to eat.

I went into a resteraunt, found a table and ordered a nice hot meal, and started to eat it, after a few minutes a couple arrived and asked to share my table, so I agreed, and they sat down and ordered a meal.

We began to chat and I soon found out they were on the same train that I was going to catch, so the chat got on over the meals, I shared my bottle of wine with them and we seemed to get on, Jennie and Sam were about 40ish, he wasnt a bad looker and she was definately a stunner, after a while, Sam went to the loo and Jennnie moved next to me, and I felt her hand on my leg, slowly working its way towards my cock, when it got to my cock she squeezed it and asked, "does this get used alot" I told her that its seen a few good times, and she laughed, she also told me that she was bi sexual, and wasnt wearing any panties, she then took my hand and guided it to her pussy, which was wet and warm, it was then I saw Sam coming back and removed my hand, discreetly wiping it on the servette.

Anyway it was time to go to the station and catch the train, we shared a cab aand got to the station with minutes to spare, we climbed aboard, and settled into our 3 hour journey home, after a while I went to the loo, did what I needed to do andwas coming out when I bumped into Jennie waiting outside, she forced her way in and locked the door, and immediately raised her skirt to reveal her shaven pussy, she tried to get my trousers down, it was then I told her I wasnt into women, but she insisted that I give her a quickie, so I did the deed just to get rid of her, she cleaned herself up and left, I was to return a few minutes later.

I opened the door to be met by Sam, who shoved me into the toilet and was a bit annoyed, " so you just fucked my wife did you" I told him Id told her I wasnt into women, he laughed and just dropped his jeans to reveal this lovely large bulge in his undies, he saw me looking and bolted the door, he then took down my trousers and released my cock from my boxers, to show my 7" erection he asked if I was a "giver" or "reciever" I told him both but preferred to recieve more than give, with this he knelt down and started to suck me, after a while I told him that I was gonna cum, he just carried on sucking and I exploded in his mouth, he swallowed every drop.

he stood up and told me to bend over as he was going to finger my ass for a while, I was in heaven with 3 of his fingers fucking my ass, after about 20 minutes he pulled his fingers out and got some lube from his jeans and coated it on his cock, then he started to enter me, it wasnt an awfully big cock about 8" but not thick, but I enjoyed every thrust of it, in and out of my ass, he soon said he was about to cum and where would I like it, where it is right now will do me was my reply, and a few seconds later I felt this flood of hot warm cum filling my ass up.

We cleaned each other up and went back to our seats, we carried onchatting as if nothing had happened, got into Newcastle station said our goodbyes as if nothing had happened, the only evidence was a damp patch on the seat where sams cum had leaked out of my ass onto the seat of the train, oh what a journey to remember.